Job Lay-off Insurance May Ease Minds of Potential Cruisers

Are you interested in booking a cruise vacation but worried that a potential lay-off at your workplace may leave you in need of the cash? Cruise Lay-off Insurance may be the answer. Such a policy would allow you to cancel your cruise and receive a full refund should you be laid-off from your job.

While many of us that might be worried about lay-offs would probably shy away from booking an extravagant vacation, (insurance or not) there may be some people who want to book a vacation to celebrate a special occasion like a honeymoon, anniversary, family reunion, or birthday. The lay-off insurance would allow someone, who might have concerns about a loosing their job, to book a cruise for their special occasion with-out worry about the loss of the cruise money should he or she be laid off after the final payment but before the cruise has set sail. They can recieve a full refund when they cancel the cruise even when they are inside the no cancellation window.

On the other hand, a cruise can be a big expense in the thousands of dollars. If one is truly concerned about lay-offs, they may want to put that money into savings rather than spend it on a spectacular vacation. In addition, the insurance doesn’t cover passengers who are laid-off after their cruise. Though they enjoyed their vacation, they would then have to deal with paying their regular bills with-out the aid of the money they spent on their cruise.

E-Cruises is one of the large travel brokers currently offering free travel insurance with the added “lay-off” benefit. The policy covers the standard cruise cancellation and emergency expenses, with the additional benefit of the the lay-off protection. E-cruises, as well as other travel agencies offers travel insurance as a free benefit to their customers on many of their cruise bookings. They purchase the insurance for the customers out of their agent’s commission. Many cruise line have policies that prevent travel agents from offering discounts or cash refunds to their customers in lieu of commission, however they do allow them to offer benefits like free insurance or on board credits.

The “Lay-off” insurance may actually just be more of a marketing gimmick than a real benefit. Some policies require that customers have worked at their current employer for a year or even five years, so make sure that if you are booking on the basis of one of these policies that you meet the policy requirements. For more information on travel insurance, ask your travel agent, cruise line, or visit the following sights:

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