Interesting Article About Our Upcoming Cruise

I ran across this article from the Vancouver Courier about the Celebrity Mercury Alaska Cruise. This is the same cruise that we’ll be taking next week. This will be our 3rd Cruise on the Celebrity Mercury, and all the family agrees that it is our favorite ship. For what it lacks in big amenities, like rock walls, ice rinks or specialty (extra charge) dining, it makes up for it in style and intimacy. I really like the ship. I am anxious to see what she looks like since her make-over in April.

One of the things that surprised me in the Vancouver Courier article is the number on non-Americans traveling on this ship. On our three previous Celebrity cruises, the passengers were mostly American and because the cruises departed from San Diego, mostly Californian. I don’t know why this is a big suprise to me, since the cruise departs from and returns to Vancouver, but I guess I wasn’t thinking about how much effect a departure port has on passengers when they choose a cruise. It makes sense that there would be a lot of Canadian passengers. I always enjoy meeting passengers from different parts of the world and talking with them about their homes.

The other item I found interesting was that the author, Mick Maloney, writes a lot about his excursions, with those activities seemingly the highlight of his trip. We have a few excursions booked, but we are most looking forward to the shipboard life. We love the fun atmosphere of the shipboard activities, the excellent service and fine dining. Dining is probably what we love most. I plan to blog on trip every day. So if you are interested in this cruise, and want to know more about it, stop by this site starting June 15th for my daily installments.