Hot Glass and Wine Tasting Highlight Day 3 of our Atlantic Crossing

The beauty of a sea day on Celebrity is that the passengers can pick and choose to do as little or as much as they want aboard the ship. The activities staff offered a wide variety of options all day long, but the highlights of the day for us were attending another presentation of the Hot Glass Show and then two different wine connoisseurs’ events.

In a way all three were actually related. The hot glass show demonstrates the beauty and artistry of hand blown glass pieces. The Riedel workshop tells us the story of how a business man wanted to expand his business by improving the taste of wine through varietal specific stemware, and the connoisseurs’ dinner let us put that beautiful stemware into practice with a food and wine pairing.

First, this was our second attendance of the Hot glass show. This time the artist created their own specialties. The first created a beautiful multicolored ruffled vase. The next created a decanter being held by an octopus, and the third made another exquisite multi-tonal vase with handles. The process of watching these show pieces being created was amazing. Another interesting fact about the Hot Glass Show is that because they are associated with the not for profit Corning Museum of Glass, they do not sell the pieces created during the shows. Instead they give away raffle tickets at the show and draw a few to give away certain pieces. This was a nice departure from the usual sales pitch that one receives at so many cruise events.

Next up on the agenda for the day was the Riedel wine tasting event. For the cost of a set of the glasses, the sommeliers present to the cruisers the story of Riedel and allow them to taste for different varieties in the specialized glasses. At first glance it all sounds like a little “Smoke and Mirrors” but after a the explanation of what the glasses do, it is easy to understand why they improve the taste of the wine. The main concept behind the glasses is that the shape of the glass put the best and most important aspect of the flavor of the wine one the part of the pallet that is meant to taste that part of the wine. So the narrow white wine glass puts more of the fruity part of the wine on the front of the tongue and the long profile of the glass forces the head slightly back when sipping. These two factors help to emphasize the positive tastes while minimizing the acidity of the wine. In contrast their Chardonnay glass is a wide bowl, which at first glance doesn’t seem right for a white wine glass. Riedel designed this bowl the place the wine wide on the tongue so that the full butteriness of the Chardonnay wine can be appreciated. During the seminar we tried the wines both in the glass that was meant to be tasted, a water glass, and different Riedel glasses to give us a full appreciation of how each of these glasses worked with a specific style of wine.

Our next wine event was the Special Connoisseurs’ dinner. This was a special event that allowed us to sample 4 to 6 different wines and two champagnes. Larry, the wine supplier’s representative was on board to give us a little information about the wines the company that produced them. The meal was held in a special corner of the main dining room that is not used as regular seating for guests. It was actually a lot like eating in a specialty restaurant. There was an extra charge of $97 for the event, but with the wines we were drinking it was well worth the cover. I think the highlight for us was the Baron Lafitte Rothschild Grand Cru Class Bordeaux. All the wines were served in that wonderful varietal specific stemware.

Tomorrow, will be another day at sea, with more opportunities to attend the hot glass show, and an evening that includes the “Staring You” passenger participation show.