Holland America’s New Lanai Staterooms

For those of us who have had state rooms on the Promenade deck who have often said “if only I had a door right on to the promenade it would almost be like a balcony and I could enjoy this deck so much more”, Holland America has the answer. They have added sliding glass doors on the promenade deck cabins to the outside deck. So now instead of just an partial view of the ocean, guests in these state rooms can enjoy the promenade or “lanai” by just stepping out their door.

We posted the press release from Holland America about these new room back in November of 2008, but the new rooms are a reality now on the the Veendam ship and soon to be add on the Ryndam, Maasdam, Statendam, and Rotterdam. For privacy the sliding glass doors are treated with a reflective material allowing guest to see out but preventing others on the promenade from seeing in. For security the door automatically lock behind guest as they exit through the sliding doors. (Don’t forget your key card as you go outside.) It remains to be seen whether or not the doors will increase the amount of noise from the exterior public deck over just a picture window, but if the increase is only minor then it might be worth it for added benefit of being to simply step outside the room to enjoy the promenade. The prices for the Lanai Staterooms are some where between outside cabins and veranda cabin. For example the price for two passengers on a sample February 11th 2010 South American cruise ran as follows: $3,098.21 per person in a lowest price Veranda, $2,198.21 per person in a Lanai Cabin, and $2,048.21 per person in an Ocean View cabin.

I am anxious to hear from cruisers in these cabin to find out if their impressions of this innovation.