Hells Kitchen on the High Sea’s

One of our news release articles caught my eye because my husband is a big fan of Hell’s Kitchen. I also recently discovered the BBC version of Kitchen Nightmares on BBC. The article mentioned that the star of the current BBC incarnation of Hell’s Kitchen, Marco Pierre White, will be creating menus and supervising several of the restaurants on the “British Superliner”. Marco seems to have both the restaurant credentials and the celebrity status to create both an exciting dining experience and the name recognition. He has worked at rstra around the world and has seven, mostly French cuisine, restaurants to his credit. His tenure on the the BBC version of Hells Kitchen was not with-out controversy, as he used what it considered an anti-Irish racial slur when referrring to the food.


I haven’t seen Marco on Hell’s Kitchen, but I did read that he approached the show quite differently than Gordon Ramsey, his predicessor. I saw Gordon as a perfectionist with a foul mouth but a heart of gold. It would be interesting to hear how Marco’s approach to the show differed, especially since he got into that bit of a controversy with the racial slur.

The new ship, the Ventura, has a terrific website with lots of virtual tours to enjoy.


The Ventura site mentions that Marco White is creating both an elegant dining experience called “The White Room” and a casual family friendly restaurant called the “Beach House.”

Let us know if you’ve dined in any of his restaurants or have a P&O cruise on the Ventura booked for its opening season.