On Board the Statendam

Who knows if the crew on board the Statendam loved our dreaded the Christmas Cruise. With all of us young people on boad, I know the cruise must have been different. I remember that there was lots to do on the ship: music, dancing, games, or just hanging out by the pool.

The cruise, like most started off with a spectacular sail away from Miami followed by a muster drill.

There was also a special Christmas show put on by the staff and crew, sharing their own culture with the passengers. The Dutch officers, staff and their family members sang traditional Dutch Carols. Some of the Filipino crew and Indonesian crew(presumably part of that country’s Christian minority) also sang Christmas songs for the passengers.

In true 1980’s cruise form, the ship put on a spectacular Midnight Buffet every night.

On the last day of the cruise they had a passenger talent show during which I sang a song from “Annie”, my dad sang “The Impossible Dream” and a large group of friends did a silly human puppet routine to “YMCA”. One of our friends also got the Mariner award for most voyages with Holland America.