Five Bargin Finds to Purchase Before Your Next Cruise: Solutions for a Better Cruise

1. Hanging Cosmetics Bag Organizer


There is limited counter space in a cruise ship bathroom, so if just one member of your party has all his or her toiletries or cosmetics in on of these it can hang on the door hooks of the bathroom door and keep the bathroom counter from being cluttered.  This one is available on Amazon or at Target for under $12.

2. Emergency Rain Poncho5poncho

This is especially great if you are going to Alaska where ports like Ketchikan have 229 rain days a year. Even Caribbean ports can have rainy  days.  If you are sailing to Hawaii it can rain nearly every afternoon for a brief period during certain times of the year.   Most people want to get out and see the sites even if there is rain. One of these “Emergency Ponchos” is inexpensive and easy to pack.   This one sells on Amazon for just $5.49 and free shipping with a Prime membership.  You can also check your local bargain or dollar store.

3. Cheap Digital Alarm Clock5alarm

Surprisingly, most cruise ship state rooms don’t have clocks, or if they do it is very small and hard to see.   You can purchase a cheap portable alarm clock for under $5 and you’ll always know what time it is and can set an alarm to wake up for early shore excursions or activities. I found this one on Amazon for $1.80 plus $4.99 shipping.   Also check your local dollar store or discounter.

4.Selfie Stick


No more bothering strangers to take your picture on board the ship or during an excursion.   With a Selfie Stick with a BlueTooth remote shutter, you can get a picture of your whole group or you and that special someone with out bothering others.   Available on Amazon starting at under $3 for  the Stick and $.99 for blue tooth remote when purchased separately, whole set-ups from $17.99

5. Pocketed Underwear5undies

No I’m not talking about the booze-stashing big front pocket undies,(though some people do use those for smuggling booze) but the one with pockets on the hips for your credit cards, passport ect. Wear these during your travel to your cruise port to make sure you have these items safe and on your person at all times.  These hip pockets are also perfect for holding your key card when your outfit doesn’t have pockets.   These are by Clever Travel Companion on Amzaon, who also sell a Men’s version, a tank top version and t-shirt version.   No worries about your Passport falling out of your purse or your bag being stolen.   This pair sells for $24.90 for the single pair, but another seller makes a high rise brief for ladies that come in six pack for $24.  No zippers on those less expensive ones, so those might be better for just your Seapass card and some cash on an excursion.   Men’s and Ladies t’s and tanks start at just under $30.