Fashion-Fix Apparel/Body Tape: A Cruise Essential

I am always on the look out for product that make cruising easier. Fashion-Fix Apparel and Body Tape is one of those products.

The most helpful use of this product is for securing necklines of formal dresses. Both large busted and small busted women complain about their formal dresses gaping a the neck line or in the back. These flexible two way tape strips secure formal dresses to the body to prevent “wardrobe malfunctions.” I have used this product to secure plunging neck lines, strapless dresses and backless dresses. It certainly makes the evening more enjoyable not having to worry about exposing more than I intended.

Fashion-Fix is a repackaged version of the manufactures toupee tape, TOPSTICK by Vapon, marketed specifically for “fixing” dresses, necklines and other clothing. It also can be used to anchor shoulder pads, fix fallen hems, and fasten wrap skirts. Here’s how the manufacturer describes the product:

“TOPSTICK®, besides being the premier tape for wig applications, has been used for years by professional costume designers, motion picture make-up artists, audio and video professionals and the hottest new couturiers. Many of the new fashions hang loosely on the body and need some help to protect modesty. Many designers rely on TOPSTICK® to keep their designs looking great. TOPSTICK® is the product of choice for thousands of these professionals. Listen to the award shows and you’ll hear the name TOPSTICK® over and over again. Up till now, it has been an insider’s secret. Several products have tried to duplicate the success of TOPSTICK®, but the special medical quality adhesive tape created for TOPSTICK® is unrivaled in quality and performance!

Vapon is pleased to introduce FASHION-FIXâ„¢ Professional Apparel and Body Tape for the retail market. FASHION-FIXâ„¢ has all the great properties and performance associated with the original TOPSTICK® but with a new feminine package design. Retail availability makes it perfect for today’s active woman. No woman should be without it!

FASHION-FIXâ„¢ APPAREL AND BODY TAPE by TOPSTICK® – A retail version of our highly successful TOPSTICK® strips. Specially redesigned for the women’s market, it has a uniquely designed, convenient “purse pack” with 25 – 1/2″ and 25 – 1″ strips. Fashion-Fixâ„¢ tape has a purple backing and the liner is slit for easy opening. Fashion-Fix uses the same medical adhesive tape as the original TOPSTICK®. The individual cards have hang holes and are packed in a convenient counter display.”

The product is available nationally at Sally’s Beauty Supply and at other wig suppliers listed on the Vapon website.

(Editor’s Note: This is NOT a paid endorsement!)