Equinox Cruise Continues in St. Kitts

Today was our second port of call, Basseterre on the island of St Kitts. Many of the other passengers took island tours that included stops at some of the beautiful resorts and beaches, but for us the day was spent mostly enjoying the beautiful views of the island from the decks of the ship. The island very much reminded us of Maui with the nearby island of Nevis though nothing similar in shape, in distance away, reminding us of Molikai. The ships dock area was filled with t-shirt and souvenir shops so we took this opportunity to add to our collection of “stuff” from the islands.

The big treat for the day was that the Elite Captains Club members were invited to enjoy the sail away from the front of the ship on the Helicopter Landing. As we backed away from the island and slowly turned we enjoyed the different views from the sides of the landing area. As we headed away from the island and further south we had even better views of Nevis.

In the evening we enjoyed the captains club Elite cocktails and enjoyed visiting with friends we had met earlier during the cruise. Before dinner I went to the second production show. I hate to be critical of these shows because I know the performers work very hard, but I felt that some of the choreography was overly simple and not executed very well. I guess I’m spoiled from watching shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and attending dance competitions with my daughter at home, but I just felt that the show, though light and entertaining, but was bit lacking in the technical aspects of the dance. I wonder if they keep the choreography overly simple so that new dancers can come in and out of the ship and pick it up quickly as they begin a new contract with the production company. The signing was very good and some of the acrobatics and aerial tricks were quite interesting.

We once again had a very nice dinner. My husband continued his practice cruise of trying to stick with only a couple of courses. This night, he had the French Onion soup and Chicken Florentine. Both were, as usual, very enjoyable. I enjoyed four courses starting with a prosciutto and melon ball appetizer, then the French Onion soup and finished with mushroom sauce over egg noodles. For dessert, she again had her traditional mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc) with some Splenda.

After dinner, it was once again karaoke night. These are my favorite nights, but are certainly not near the top for my husband. He sat through a large number of songs as they called up me up several times when they didn’t have any more requests. I even sang duets with a guy from Denmark (Phantom of the Opera) and the karaoke host (Endless Love) along with three solos (New York New York, Independence Day and Heartbreaker). We also enjoyed cheering on some of our not so frequent singers who sang a couple fun group numbers. It is as much fun to cheer them on as it is to sing my self. The competition in the big theater is on Thursday. With karaoke complete, we retired for the night around midnight.