Entertainment and Activity Options on the Celebrity Silhouette Back to Back Eastern and Western Caribbean Cruise

Lisa Richard sings a song from Mama Mia

Lisa Richard sings a song from Mama Mia

First,  I have to apologize for not taking more pictures and not actually attending more of the entertainment and activity options offered by Celebrity.    We are able to make it to some of the offerings, but with so much to do, it is just not possible to make it to every event offered or to even list every thing here.   I’ll try to list them by category in this review and add a short review  of the things we actually saw, heard,  or did.   Please visit our Entertainment and Activities Gallery for a few more pictures.

Musical Acts

Matt McConney – Steel Drum Soloist – Really nice Caribbean Back Ground Music

Ian Leith – Guitar and Vocals – Great Acoustic versions of classic and popular rock and pop

Miami DJ’s and Percussionist – Recorded music with live Sheila E style drums and other percussion instruments – live percussion enhanced recorded music

Runaways – Party band/ pop cover band – I really liked them, they had a fun repertoire and three singers so that they could sing just about any song.  I liked all the singers, but some did not like the girl that sang some the traditionally high male rock vocals like Led Zepplin songs.    Pop and Dance was probably their strongest suit.

3-D – Jazz Quartet

Sean Golden – Vocals and Guitar – also nice acoustic versions of classic rock and pop songs

Silhouette Orchestra – great job accompanying the various guest artist.

Sihouette Orchestra Pianist – played as a soloist various times

Mexican Folklorico Show – Pool Side before we left Cozumel – Mariachis, a flirtatious male singer, and two sets of dancers.    Not nearly the production that used to come on board in Acapulco when Celebrity Mercury cruised the Mexican Riviera, but just fine for a nice folkloric taste of Mexico.  That show had music and dance from nearly every region of Mexico.      Cozumel is in Quintana Roo and the  songs they performed were all from other states, Jalisco and Vera Cruz,  or just Spanish Languages songs, but still a fun show.

Theater Acts

High-C’s – A’Capella Group – Only saw them in the Main Theater though they performed at various times and venues throughout the ship.   Pretty good if a’capella vocal harmonies are your thing.   They did Beach Boys and Four Seasons songs with orchestral accompaniment in the main theater.

Chad Chesmark, comedy/slight of hand magician

Chad Chesmark, comedy/slight of hand magician

Chad Chesmark – Comedy and up close magic/slight of hand – We liked his theater performance so much that we went to see him upclose in the Ensemble Lounge for a small performance.   Funny, self deprecating, and very good with the hands.  He was so quick that maybe you might have an inkling of how he did a trick, but you were just guessing because he was so smooth and so quick.

Sin City Comedy – Tastefully Presented Adult 18+ comedy with a Burleque dancer in a bikini type lingerie.  Nothing too risque here.   Second week the dancer was better who “stripped” to a bikini.   Nothing offensive.   Comedians were pretty good and nothing more risque then what you might here unbleeped on Comedy Central TV.     First week there was a juggler who did pretty well with 7 tennis rackets in the low ceiling Celebrity Central Theater.   Headliner was an Emmy award winning comedian who was a writer on Home Improvement.   Second week the opening act was a Cris Rock style comedian and headliner made up funny songss,  Bruce Springsteen style about ex-girlfiends and old cars.   They do check ID’s for under 18 but the material was probably fine for 14+

Chris Riggins – Tenor week 1 –

Nick Page – Tenor Week 2 – good singer, but all the tenors seem to sing the same 8 songs on every cruise I’ve been on.   Would like him to have had some slightly edgier songs, more rock-opera tenor in is performance.

Very funny, comedy juggler Pete Matthews

Very funny, comedy juggler Pete Matthews

Pete Matthews – Comedy Juggling – Very funny,  especially his finale on the very tall unicycle.   Comedy is probably a little better than the juggling, but juggling was pretty darn good.

Welcome Aboard and Farewell Shows featuring a variety of acts, including songs from Lisa Richard the cruise director, who was very good.

Broadway Nights – Highlights from the most Popular Broadway Shows, Great singers and dancers, very boring, “old hat” choreography that did not push any boundaries in the world of choreography.

Velocity – International Dance and Musical Review With Celebrity Singers and Dancers -good but sychronization of dancers could have been better.

Silhouette the Show – Cirque Style show with juggling, balancing, and high flying silks and more – slightly different than other Cirque Shows on Solstice Class ships.   Excellent aerialists.   Monotonous vocals with the cirques style music.


Trivia –  Irish Trivia (St. Patrick’s Day) World History, Pop-Culture, Music, Pub Style, True or False, general knowledge, Bill Board Music Challenge – Fun!   We went several times and Team Klasen got first or second almost every time we played.  You can redeem all your points, which are tracked on a “Pass Port Card” , at the end of the cruise for prizes like pens, key chains, hats, golf tees and T-shirts.    This was a great multi-generational activity with Teens, Parents and Grammy on our team.

Zumba – Taught by an Activities staff member certified instructor.  Free, Well attended activity.  Routines were simple so all ages and skill levels could participate.   Used the same routines all week.

X-Box Kinect

Table Tennis –  Family and Adult, Guest vs Officers – My husband and son played a couple of times and it gave them a chance to meet some of the officers.

Napkin Folding

Golf Chipping

Basketball – Shoot Out, guests vs officers, My son played a couple of times.   He loved the chance to be active and to play against “old guys who still got game”.

Ballroom dance class

Karaoke – I was there.   They have a system with all songs on hard drive so they can’t play your own disks.   They have a pretty good selections, but limited Broadway songs.   They actually got a whole new upload of songs for the second week and the DJ helped me find some of the new ones.  They don’t have a good ability to change keys, just up or down a 1/2 step, which made songs like New York, New York a challenge because I usually sing it down a third.

Amazing X Race

Line Dancing

Pool Volleyball – Guest Vs Guest and Officers Vs Guest

Art Studio Classes – Some were free and some had a supplies fee

Cake Demonstrations

Pizza Demonstration

Interactive Theme Parties – Celebrity Roxx, Masque,

Youth Program Talent Show – Teen daughter participated but didn’t tell me, so I missed her

Chef’s Competition – guest help two of the Celebrity Chef’s select and cook a dish in 15 minutes which is then judged by the officers and an audience member.   It was fun and gave the chef’s a chance to be creative with the guests selected ingredients.

Game Shows

Liars Club – Very Funny version of the classic game show.    Cruise Director, Captain, Hotel Manager all participated and got to show a little bit of their personalities and have a little fun trying to fool the guests.

Newlywed/Not So Newlywed Game- Always funny, reality is funny than fiction, and guests were good sports.

Friendly Fued – Family Fued but teams only had to be friends, not necessarily family.   Just caught a glimpse as they were set up in the entertainment court outside quasar and Celebrity Central.

Are You Smarter Than the Activities Staff

Dancing with the Stripes – One of my favorites activities.    Guests are paired up with an officer and then compete in a dance off that included the waltz, salsa, tango, ballet, Bollywood and Gangham Style.  The most creative tend to win, not necessarily the best technique.  This was moved to the atrium so more people could attend than in the Sky Lounge where my husband participated 2 years ago.

Alcohol Tastings

The Cellar Master's bar offers interesting wine flights.

The Cellar Master’s bar offers interesting wine flights.


Wine Flights – We did a Tour du France


Concert on Lawn with Wine and Cheese

Art of Food and Wine Pairing

Molecular Cocktails


Slot Tournament

Black Jack Tournament


Texas Hold’em Tourney


Officers Q & A – Environmental, Engineering, Captain, – My teen son went to several lectures, learned much about the ship, and found them very interesting.

David Greenstein – Caribbean Expert

Ilene Loise Meckly – Motivational speaker

Celestial Navigation

Sales Pitches listed at Activities

Art Auction

Art Seminars

Spa Seminars

Fragrance seminar

Inch of Gold Unveiling

Port Shopping Guide

Footprint analysis

Religious Services and Support

Friends of Bill W- Alcoholics Anonymous meeting held every day.

Catholic Mass – During the first week we had a young priest who was fluent in American Sign Language and several guests who were hearing impaired.   It was a beautiful service especially when the priest both spoke and signed the Liturgy of the Eucharist.    The second week we had an older very devout Jesuit priest who not only does cruise ship ministry but also leads travelers on religious pilgrimage to places of miracles around the world.    It was so nice to have mass available to Catholics on board for Palm Sunday and Easter.

Sabbath Service with fellow guests