Debbie Phelps Has Cruise Worthy Style

TV Audiences cheered with excitement during Michael Phelp’s 8 gold medal winning swims at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, few of us did it in as much style as his mom, Debbie Phelps. Debbie had been outfitted with a chic wardrobe from the popular cruise and vacation fashion company Chicos. Chicos is a popular fashion line with cruisers because they provide comfortable, often wrinkle resistant, age appropriate, casual clothing pieces. While many of the Olympic fans sported t-shirts, shorts, jeans and other casual wear, Debbie Phelps wore the “Smart Casual” fashions that are the dress code standards on most cruise ships.

I take my hat off to the Chicos marketing genius who came up with the idea of outfitting Debbie Phelps for the games. They couldn’t have picked a more endearing icon to wear their clothes. She’s obviously a mom who has been a source of strength and inspiration for her special son. As a divorced Mom, essentially raising Michael and his sisters by herself, Debbie had to find a way to help Michael to develop his talent in swimming and manage his ADHD. I’d call her a supermom!! Now we can also add cover girl to her resume as an educator and school administrator.

Recently, several fashion companies have featured 40 something models like Linda Evangelista and Brook Shields. Debbie Phelps, is now the cover girl on Chicos website and represents every Mom in America who wants to continue to look chic, and not frumpy or sloppy. She sets a good example for tourists – dressing for both comfort and style.

While her son Michael accomplished the unbelievable achievement of winning 8 gold medals in a single Olympics, Debbie showed us all that we can cheer on our athletes in style.