Dance Around Your Cruise Ship?

If you enjoy dance, like my family does, a cruise may just be one of the best vacations for you. With so many different activities that involve dance, a cruise vacation will keep you entertained and your feet moving.

Production Dances and Folkloric Shows

Often the dancers are the strongest aspect of the productions shows. In our recent Celebrity Cruises, the dancers really shined in the M Class ship’s “Celebrate the World” show and the C Class Ship’s “Dance Around the World.” My kids and I study dance at a dance studio that specializes in international dance, so imagine our excitement as was watched the production dancers perform an exciting Irish step routine in the show to the music from River Dance. Both of these shows featured music and dances from around the world. Sometimes the cruise lines will bring folkloric production groups onboard to perform while the ships are in port. In Hawaii we enjoyed a Hula school performance from a traditional school that has been featured on the Discovery Channel. In Mexico, the Antonio Ramirez Folklorico Spectacular performed an incredible array of traditional Mexican dances in elaborate costumes. Some friends of mine just got back from a Transatlantic cruise that featured an Irish dance performance while the ship was docked at one of their Irish Ports. These shows brought the culture of the local area to life.

Enrichment Activities

During sea days, many cruise lines offer dances lessons as part of the activities program. With the popularity of shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”, many passengers have a interest in learning ball room dances. Often cruise lines have the production dancers from the shows teach these classes. The emphasis is usually on learning steps. If you are lucky enough to have trained ballroom dance teacher on your cruise, the lessons will include more partnering technique such as proper holds and leading technique. If you don’t have dance partner, then country lines dancing might be your thing. These dances are great for single travelers or couples that only have one dancer in the pair. On our last cruise one of the production dancers even offered hip-hop dance lessons for the teens. During our Hawaiian cruise, we had a Hawaiian culture specialist who taught Hula lessons. The students performed the dances as part of an out door “Lua” type party.

Evening Entertainment

Finally if social dancing is your thing, then the evening entertainment on board the cruise lines provides you with many different dancing options. Some lines have ball room style music for dancing in the lounges before and after dinner. Carnival Cruise lines offers alternative dining and evening dancing in their supper clubs on some of their ships. Some the cruise lines have a “Party Band” that will play fun oldies and popular songs for less traditional social dancing. If you don’t have a dance partner the activities staff will sometimes lead “party” dances like “YMCA”, “Hot, Hot, Hot”, and the “Conga”.

Whether you’re ready to get out on the dance floor and move your hips and feet, or you would rather sit back and enjoy a show, a cruise ship provides a great opportunity to enjoy the fun of dancing.