Cruise Talk Not Yet Sold on the Concept of the Reflection and Signature Suites

Last week Celebrity Cruises announced a new class of suites starting with the Celebrity Reflection, the fifth ship in the Solstice class of ships.

Their press release provided the following details about the new suites:


Located in a private area of the ship’s 14th deck, Celebrity Reflection’s five Signature Suites each offer a 441-square-foot stateroom area and 118-square foot veranda, with floor-to-ceiling windows and veranda doors, all designed to maximize the stunning views of the sea. Celebrity’s Signature Suites each can accommodate up to four guests, and will offer the luxurious 24/7 butler service that is a hallmark of every suite across the Celebrity fleet.

The entire area – including the stunning new Reflection Suite – features cardkey access exclusively for guests booked in the elite group of suites, such that a family or group of up to 26 guests traveling together can enjoy a private, six-suite modern luxury vacation experience.


Nestled in the highly desirable corner location near Celebrity’s new Signature Suites, the Reflection Suite will be the brand’s first two-bedroom suite, complete with a truly distinctive sea-view bathroom extending out over the edge of the ship, a veranda tub with soothing rain shower, and panoramic views courtesy of the wraparound veranda. The 1,636-square-foot Reflection Suite with 194-square-foot veranda – complete with Celebrity’s luxurious 24/7 butler service – can accommodate up to six guests.”

Cruise Talk Opinion
What the press release doesn’t state is that these new suites are located right next to the observation lounge/night club. This location is traditionally used by Celebrity for their evening parties, karaoke, and other evening special events. Unless they have wrapped these suites in a very thick layer of sound proof insulation, the noise may be bothersome to suite goers. The balconies could also be completely unprotected the from the wind. If passengers are able to use the balcony while the ship is in motion, the noise from the disco could be a problem, even if it is not audible from the room. They are also located on one of the highest decks on the ship, right near the bow. For those who are sensitive to motion, this could also create a problem.

It looks like the real estate for the suite will be acquired from the conference rooms and the observation lounge. This takes away the 180 degree views that are currently available on all the S-Class ships. That view is one of my favorite parts of the observation lounge. Also, it will eliminate the designated smoking area in this lounge. Non-smokers will probably cheer that the observation lounge will reportedly now be completely smoke free, but quite honestly, the lounge was large enough and well ventilated enough that the few smokers in the lounge never really bothered me (a non-smoker also). I know exclusive suites with extra perks are all the rage in the cruise industry, but I’m not sure that Celebrity had the right idea in trying to retrofit an existing design of a ship with more suites. They would have done better to wait until the design and creation of a new style of ship to introduce these additional exclusive suites.

We’d love to hear from our readers on these suites. Do they sound like something you’d be anxious to book, or do you feel that they will detract from the over ambiance of observation lounge? Let us know what your are thinking.