Cruise Fashion Tip: Hair Pieces, Dressing for Evening Easy

Anyone who has ever had early seating on a cruise has had this problem. You are just back from your beach excursion and you have less than an hour to get yourself and maybe your daughter ready for dinner – maybe even a formal dinner. You are all stressed out because the room is small and you have to fix your hair all nice for the evening. I have found the perfect solution for great looking hair every evening on your cruise. Purchase a few fashion hairpieces before your cruise. It can cut your hair fixing time down to just a few minutes.

My daughter and I first started wearing hair pieces in our dance recitals. We dance at a studio that does many different international dances including Irish, Polynesian, and Mexican. At our recitals, we generally wear our hair in a bun, which works for jazz, tap and ballet, and then we add different hair for the international dances.


Many of the dancers simply don’t have long enough hair to do the traditional styles, or there is simply not enough time to change from one regional hair style to another between dances. Here is where the hair pieces fill in the gaps. We have an array of different braids and falls with ribbons and flowers already attached that we can just quickly clip in to complete our costumes.


Hair pieces don’t have to be just for dancing or regional styles. You can often find some that will create a beautiful bun, fall, or crown of curls that can complete your evening look for your next cruise. The crown of curls is one of my favorites. I just put my own hair into either a high or low bun and then put the crown of curls around the bun. I have done the same for my daughter and even added a small tiara for her. People have asked how we had time to fix such a fancy hairdo. They would be shocked to learn that they curls are pieces and that we spent maybe 5 minutes each. For more casual nights, we have both worn falls of curls and clips in pony tails. They are so quick and easy I don’t know how I ever got by without them.


Here are a few tips for selecting your hair pieces. You can find them at many different places including kiosks at the mall, Ulta 2, and Sally’s Beauty Supply. Some drugstores and mega stores carry them also, but I find that theirs are a bit lower quality and tend to look more obvious, so go with the better quality. Sally’s even sells some that are real human hair, but they tend to look better in darker colors as they are often made from Chinese hair which looks better if it hasn’t been heavily bleached or treated. If you have any kind of highlights or coloring, you will want to match your hair piece to the roots of your hair, not the ends. Wear your hair in a bun to the store, as you would wear it when you actually have on the piece. You’ll want to find the hairpieces that most closely matche the root part of your hair, as your ends will be covered by the piece. If you have frosted or two tone hair, find a piece that has both your lightest and darkest colors in it. This will look the most natural when your hair is all pulled back.


Hair pieces also work for your teen or “tween” age girl. On our Alaska cruise, hair pieces saved me from having the ritual evening “Mom please just hurry up and be done with my hair” fight with my daughter. We just put her hair in a bun, clipped in the hairpiece, and, thankfully, we were done.

They often come in handy for theme nights like 50’s night or maybe even Costa’s Toga Nights.