Cruise Across The Atlantic With Men Who Have Walked On The Moon

In April of 2009, Regent will present a 20 day Trans-Atlantic cruise featuring guest lectures from several of the men who have walked on the moon. The cruise departs on April 18th 2009 from Istanbul, travels to many ports in the Mediterranean, then crosses the Atlantic, ending in Ft. Lauderdale. This cruise promises to combine the excitement of fantastic Mediterranean and Atlantic ports with one of the most interesting enrichment topic, space exploration.

However, this is not a cruise for the budget minded. Regent is a nearly all inclusive, all suite luxury line that includes tips, many alcoholic beverages, and many other extras in the basic cost of the cruise. Their basic cruise price can be around 3-4 times the cost of a cruise on a mass market line. However, if budget was no object, this would be one of the first cruises I’d book for next season.

Our family recently enjoyed watching several documentaries on the Discovery Channel telling the story of our journey into space and to the moon. The most recent documentary was the 6 hour mini series “When We Left Earth” and the second was the older documentary “In The Shadow Of The Moon”. Both of these documentaries featured the astronauts telling the story of their voyages in their own words. It would be quite an experience to to share a cruise voyage with these fascinating gentlemen and hear them tell the stories of their space missions live.

The Regent astronaut lectures scheduled line-up includes Gene Cernan, Charles Duke and Edgar Mitchell. Following his service as a Gemini Astronaut, Cernan went on to orbit the moon on Apollo 10 and landed on the moon in NASA’s last lunar landing mission, Apollo 17. He was the last man to leave a foot print on the surface of the moon. Charles Duke landed on the moon during the Apollo 16 mission. Perhaps, most famously, his case of the measles prior to the Apollo 13 mission, caused Ken Mattingly to be pulled from the mission. Edgar Mitchell walked on the Moon in 1971 during the Apollo 14 mission. Regent has really put together an A+ line-up with these men lecturing on the same cruise.

One of the interesting aspects of sharing a cruise voyage with guest lecturers is that there are often opportunities to meet them in a casual format. Sometimes lecturers or entertainers will put on a casual Q & A in a ship’s lounge. Passengers might even have the opportunity to strike up a casual conversation with lecturers at some point during the voyage. Imagine sharing an elevator with Gene Cernan or passing Edgar Mitchell in the hallway. As admirers of the NASA missions and US Astronauts, this would be a dream cruise for my family and I.

Fares start at just under $8500 per person. For more information see the Regent Website.