Costa Cruises Offers Exclusive Selection of Amarone Wine From Renowned Italian Winemaker Aneri

MIAMI, March 2: Costa, Europe’s Number One Cruise Line, has teamed up with another venerable Italian brand, Aneri Wines, to bring one of its most exclusive wines to sea. Aneri has allocated a selection of one of its best wines, an Amarone 2003, which was a top year of production for this red, full-bodied wine. A select number of 133 bottles are available on each Costa ship, including the new Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica, which will be jointly inaugurated on June 5, 2009. Each 750 ml bottle of Aneri Amarone 2003 is numbered and identified by a personalized label with the name of the ship, as well as a special certificate. Costa is the first and only cruise line to offer a selection of this exquisite wine on its wine list and the company’s ships are one of the only places wine aficionados will be able to purchase the limited edition vintage. Specialized labels bearing the name of the corresponding ship is sealed on each bottle.

Aneri is a leader in the world of winemaking, having made selectivity and quality the strength of its production internationally. The company is based in the Verona region of Italy. Its famed Aneri Prosecco has been featured in exclusive toasts around the world, including the G8 summit of 2001, the signing of the European Constitution in 2004, and state dinners with Vladimir Putin at the White House.

Aneri Amarone 2003
Amarone is a wine of noble descent with origins from the period of ancient Rome. This red wine has developed over the years to become an exclusive, full-bodied wine with an elegant and refined aroma. Defined as modern and traditional at the same time, the wine is produced from a selection of the best Valpolicella grapes in the province of Verona. These grapes are picked during the first week of October and clusters are left to ripen further for 100 days on wooden racks. The wine is made in mid-January using the traditional cold-pressing system, followed by 30-40 days of fermentation and 48 months of ageing in small/medium capacity oak barrels. Once bottled, the wine is left to rest for 10-12 months before becoming the best possible expression of Valpolicella grapes. 2003 was a particularly favorable year for this grape harvest. The wine has already displayed excellent characteristics, which will grow even more enjoyable in the next 15 to 20 years. Each bottle is priced at around 200 Euros and is available in many top restaurants. On Costa’s ships, each bottle will be priced at 150 Euros. All bottles are packaged in an elegant black box with a product description certificate and an accompanying parchment.

Costa Cruises is Italy and Europe’s number one cruise line. For the past 60 years its ships have sailed the world, offering the best in Italian style, hospitality and cuisine and providing dream vacations with the best in fun and relaxation. In 2007 over 1.1 million guests chose to cruise with Costa, a record for the European cruise industry. The company’s 12 fleet members, each with her own distinctive characteristics and unique style, all fly the Italian flag and sail each year to 250 destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, South America, the United Arab Emirates, the Far East and the Indian Ocean. Two more new ships – the Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica – are due for delivery at the end of April and the end of May 2009, and will be christened together in Genoa, Italy on June 5 this year. Three additional ships are on order. For complete information regarding reservations or more information, guests may contact a travel agent, call (800) GO-COSTA or visit