Continuing our Cruise Aboard the Celebrity Equinox

As I mentioned before the passengers aboard the Equinox all seem to be experts at taking little naps. During our first sea day after the 5 straight port days, there seemed to no end to their creative napping. Now that doesn’t meant there wasn’t any thing else to do aboard the ship, it just seemed that many people felt that rest and relaxation was an important part of their vacation experience. If you weren’t napping there was plenty to do including bocce ball, wake-up trivia, fitness classes, the Riedel wine glass workshop, scrapbooking, i-phone class, a lecture on big band history, pool volleyball, bingo, music trivia, basketball, Texas Holdem tournament, and pool side music all day long.

Between our nap times we enjoyed an exciting hot glass show. I sometimes get nervous during the shows because I worry about the gaffers having something go wrong. With the electrical equipment, moving ship and wind, designing glass pieces is quite a challenge. Yesterday was the kids “You Design It Show” where the gaffers make a piece based on a drawing done by one of the children. The drawing they chose was a Martini shaped glass with a scoop of ice cream and a cherry on top. They were just about done with the piece when one of the gaffers said that the power had just shut off to all of the ovens. The gaffers reassured everyone that they’d be able to finish the piece as the ovens retain more than enough residual heat. They did fished but perhaps because they were rushing one of the gaffers got slightly burnt on of the blow pipes and it looked like the cherry stem might have broken when they put the piece in the annealing oven. About 30 minutes later the ovens were back up to temperature again and they started on their second piece for the show. This was a vase with one edge flipped up and another flipped down. They had just finished the piece and one of the gaffers had the gloves on to catch the piece and the other was ready to knock it off the punti when it just fell off the punti to the ground. It cracked in the process so they had to simply let the piece crack and fall apart before our eyes.

All this excitement was not the most exciting part of the day. The treat for us was being invited to dine at the captain’s table with the Hotel Manager, Nina. On most cruises of the ship’s higher ranking officers , not the actual captains, who hosts the formal dinner at the captain’s table. We are not sure how we were selected, maybe our friend Marcel the assistant maitre’de put in a good word for us, but in any case it was a lovely evening. Being formal night we were all dressed up and our suits and gowns. We first had wine in the Cellar Master before making our way to the dining room table. The service was very elegant and we enjoyed chatting with the other passengers. The couple seated across from us were friends from our Cruise Critic roll call, so we had met them online and at a few of the other Cruise Critic events on the ship. The other two couples were Canadians whom we had not met earlier so this was an opportunity to chat with them as well. We were very grateful to have our first Captains Table dinner, and it really topped off what has been a lovely cruise.