Complete Set of Photos from 1978 World Renaissance Costa Cruise Posted

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday scanning and restoring the pictures from our World Renaissance cruise in 1978. This was on the Costa line, way before it became part of the Carnival family. You also will see the Angelina Lauro ship in many of the pictures. This was only a few months before the fire that sank her in the St. Thomas harbor in 1979.

We were on the smaller of the two ships, the World Renaissance. What I find so interesting is how small and cramped both the public rooms and the cabins were on this ship. It’s great to compare to the more luxurious ships of today.

I haven’t been back to any of these destinations since the 70’s, so if you’ve visited Curacao, Venezuela, Martinique, or Granada since then and have some interesting comparisons on how much those destinations have changed or not changed, please feel free to post them here. We love getting comments from our readers.