Children’s Character Survey Results

The results from our Children’s Characters survey are in. It looks like our readers have a wide range of opinions, with the majority either loving or hating the characters. 26% of readers find such characters, like Carnival’s giant Towel Elephant, (Pictured) to be fun for all. However, it seems the majority of our readers have negative feelings about such character. When we combine the 24% saying they prefer a more grown up cruise experience with nearly 17% feeling they are horrible we have more readers feeling negatively towards the character than positive. Nearly 33% of the readers are some what ambivalent towards such characters feeling that they either don’t have any affect, or at least keep kids happy and out of the way.

“What do you think of children’s characters like DreamWorks’ Shrek and Madagascar, Disney Characters, or even the New Carnival Towel Elephant?

They are great fun for all ages and add to the cruise experience for everyone. (26%, 14 Votes)
They are great for multi-generational cruises, but not so good for those looking for a more grown up experience. (24%, 13 Votes)
They really don’t affect my cruise one way or another. (22%, 12 Votes)
They are horrible, they detract from the traditional cruise experience. (17%, 9 Votes)
They help keep the kids happy, so I can enjoy other things on a cruise. (11%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 54”

Cruise Talk thanks all of our readers who participated in the survey, and invite you to check out our newest survey focused on calculating a cruise budget.