Chair Hogs and a Cruise Ship

Along with the legendary creatures Sasquatch and the Yeti, there exists the terror of the cruise ship – the dreaded “Chair Hog.” Being rather pale and nocturnal, I have yet to encounter this species, but as I understand it, they are people who actually go to bed early on a cruise ship so that they can get up at the crack of dawn and reserve a prime poolside lounge chair for the day.

These people are sometimes called “Chair Hogs” because they put a towel or book or shoe in the chair all day long and rarely actually use the chair. So far in my cruise experience, 10 cruises, I have never stumbled upon this creature or been adversely affected by them, but I have heard legendary tales of their prowess.

I think I may have avoided these creatures, mainly because I don’t sunbathe. Usually, I am either swimming in the pool in my UV protective suit, or sitting in the shade. However, I have talked to people who are have searched for a lounge chair midday only to find all of them occupied only by belongings rather than actual people. It seems that the “Chair Hog” phenomenon is a self fulfilling prophecy. Is the only reason to reserve a chair all day long is that if you don’t, someone else will?

I hate to delve into stereotypes here at Cruise Talk, but apparently the German are notorious “Lounge Reservers”. A friend of mine, known as UK Phil, found this video on YouTube of a Carling Black Label beverage commercial that pokes fun at the land loving version, as opposed to the ocean dwelling version. Enjoy!