Celebrity Summit Virtual Cruise Day 7

I’ll start this blog with a bit of an apology. I have been having such a good time, with so many fun things to do on the ship and in port, I have had a hard time forcing myself to sit and type on the lap top for any length of time. But now that we have started four crossing, I have a bit more time on my hands.

I have to go back a few days now to day 7 our stop in Tenerife. Our port stop there was the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a large bustling city on the Canarie’s largest island. Infact the Island of Tenerife is also home to Spain’s Highest Peak, Mt. Teide. It was mostly shrouded by clouds during our visit, but a few time it peaked out from behind the clouds so that I cold get a tiny glimpse of it’s snow covered peak. Today however was scheduled as a walking tour of the town. This walk had to cover 3 ½ ship lengths to even get into the port area, where we had a shorter walk from there into the city. The other ships in port were Aidabell, Splendour of the Seas, and Thompson Celebration.

Upon arriving in town I found and information kiosk that sold maps of the town for 2 Euros. This helped a lot as the two places we wanted to visit were clearly marked on the map and even though it was a bit of a walk to get to them, we didn’t have any trouble finding them. The first place we visited was the Military History museum. This museum is free to visitors and documents mostly the famous battle of Tenerife when Horatio Nelson of Great Britain made his only mistake in battle. His ill-conceived attempt to take the island was hampered by rough seas the steep hills surrounding the city. He paid for his poor planning with the loss of his arm when it was shot through by grape shot and had to be medically removed by the ships doctor. The General in Tenerife was gracious in his win, and simply made Nelson and his men promise never to attack Spain again. The museum features a narrated diorama of the attack, and the cannon that shot the grape shot the tore through Nelson’s arm. It also had displays of other historic weapons of the Canary Islands.

As we made our way to the next museum we wandered through the shopping district where we found a few good bargains, but nothing that really caught my eye. The next museum, though mostly displayed in Spanish was a real highlight for me. It told the complete geological, biological, and archeological history of the islands. The interesting articfacts include stone drawings that may represent religious or spiritual drawings, and otheres that looked like some tipe of attempted a written language or at least a pictogram.
Then in the final display they have the Guanchen Mummies. The Guanches were the original inhabitants of the Canaries before the Spainish came to the island. The lived a very primitive life of mostly hunting, gathering, and cave dwelling. No one quite knows how they got the islands as they had not retained any knowledge of sea faring thin their cultre. They also mummified their dead through a process of rubbing the bodies with animal fat, treat them with salts and other soils to dry the bodies, and then allowing the bodies to dry in the sun for about two weeks. These mummies have given scientist many clues as to how the original Canary Islanders might have lived.

After the museum we made our long walk back to the cruise ship, again past all three of those other ships in town. The boys were pretty tired, but Savannah and I decided to relax our muscles with a 15 minute session in the hot tub. This was just what we needed to feel invigorated and refreshed.

Though the boys were feeling a bit tired, we all wanted to see the crew talent show. We’ve know for a while that many people doing regular jobs around the ship have other talents. This show was the winners of the “Crew’s Got Talent” competition that they held several weeks ago for the crew members. It was mostly singers and musicians, but I thought it was a fun idea. The only thing I thought could have improved it would have been the addition of folk songs or folk dances like the crew shows we have seen in the past on Holland America.

After the show we girls got to enjoy a night together in the dining room, he boys on the other hand, thought having Pizza in room and watching a movie would perk them up.
they joined us afterwards in the Revelations lounge for the Newlywed/Not So Newlywed game. We enjoyed watching all the couples laugh at each other and themselves. After the game they started a karaoke session. Savannah and Steve stayed to watch me sing, while Sean returned to the cabin to watch the end of “Die Hard”. I got to sing a few songs including “Cabaret”, “Unforgettable” as a duet with another passenger, and “Once Upon a Dream”. It was pretty fun. I had my own CDGs with me and I was also able to lend them to several passengers who wanted to sing songs other than what was provided by Celebrity. Their selections were very limited and included no Broadway songs. All and all it was an enjoyable evening with