Celebrity Mercury Cruise to Mexico Videos

I finally finished my cruise video for our trip to Mexico in Nov/Dec 2006 onboard the Celebrity Mercury. I wanted to get it finished prior to our cruise to Alaska onboard the Celebrity Mercury once again in a week or so. Now, I just need to break the DVD movie up into a smaller web sized chunks and upload them here to Cruise Talk Central.

Today, I have uploaded the first two of my Mexico 2006 Cruise Videos. They are a bit different than the last two from Hawaii that I uploaded. These two videos are a bit more of ship board life. One is a video of the Grand Midnight Buffet. The other video is the creation of a specialty coffee that I have gotten hooked on after dinner.

I hope you enjoy the videos. They are viewable in our 2006 Mexico Cruise Video Gallery. All of our cruise videos can be seen in the Cruise Talk Central Video Gallery. Please feel free to leave us some comments on them.

I have all whole bunch more video snippets planned for Cruise Talk Central. I just need to find the time to make them from the DVD videos. It may be after the Alaska Cruise that this happens. I also plan to upload more videos of the Hawaii cruise that I seeded the video gallery with. I would also like to add videos from all my other cruises where I shot home video.