Celebrity Equinox Day 3

We enjoyed another day at sea for our third day on board the Celebrity Equinox. Again one of the things I enjoy most about cruising is the opportunity to do as much or as little as you want. During the day there were many things going on including cooking class, portraiture seminars, ocean mammals lecture, a world wine tour, hot glass show, country dance lessons, progressive trivia, lawn Olympics, 2 on 2 basketball, Texas Hold’em, pool volleyball, Wii, a Pianist/entertainer, live music by 4 to 5 different artists in 3 to 4 different venues at a time. I can never understand why when the ships puts so much effort into keeping their passengers with so many choices of what to do, that one could ever even think they’d be bored on a cruise ship.

We had two events planned for the day, another wonderful meal in the dining room and Karaoke night in the Sky Bar. Other than those events we kept things pretty relaxed. I found the elliptical machine in the gym and enjoyed a workout, which was followed by a quick visit to the always entertaining Hot Glass show and a grill side lunch of chicken wings and sour kraut. After lunch I had my obligatory nap. I had thought it was around 2:30 and I had time to go walk laps and then take a quick shower before heading up to the Elite passenger cocktail house, but the ship had crossed into the Eastern Caribbean time zone, and I hadn’t set my watch ahead. That meant a bit of a rushed shower and getting dressed but I still made it by 4:15.
The Elite cocktail hour is a perk that we are enjoying for the first time on this cruise. We qualified with enough credits after our last cruise on the Solstice. It truly is a nice perk, allowing us to have free cocktails, wine and or soda in the Sky Lounge each afternoon. We’ve met some very nice people and it is usually a quiet atmosphere that allows guest to share stores and chat without having to raise their voices too much.
We were dressed for dinner so following this event we went to the ship’s main atrium. The lounges are all centered around this atrium, so at night they have different bands play in this venue where they can be heard from the lounges on three different levels. The band last night was the ultra versatile Headlines. They played many familiar tunes with ballroom beats and many of the guest got out on the dance floor and performed popluar ball room dances like the foxtrot, bossa nova, and cha cha cha. They played two of my favorites Patsy Cline’s Crazy and Santana’s Oye Como Va.

At about 8:35 we headed to the main dining room. Our neighbors were in a long table for six, but their other table mates had all made other dining plans, so they sat at the end of their table and dined with us. It was nice to have another couple with which to talk. They were very friendly and we talked about everything from our dog adoptions to touring Arizona.

After dinner I was off to Karaoke. The two ladies who were running it said that they could only play the discs in their system, which was not too big a problem, I just was limited in the number of broadways type songs. I prefer to use my own discs because I have a much larger collection of broadway type songs and I am familiar with the key in which they are arranged, but I simply had to choose songs that I thought were safely familiar, and likely to be in a standard key. I started off the evening with “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl, and featured in last season’s mid season finale of “Glee.” The arrangement was exactly like the one I had bee practicing at home so it was a real crowd pleaser and I got their invitation to compete in the Celebrity Singer competition. I am really hoping to win this time as the prize in an evening dining in one of the ship’s specialty restaurants. We have only done this a handful of times because we feel the food and service is so well done in the main dining room, that it is unnecessary to pay extra for food that is just as good or just slightly better. We had a nice time visiting with friends during the Karaoke, but were ready for bed when they closed up at midnight.