Belize’s Altun Ha through Shore Excursion Group

As was the case in Roatan, I booked my shore excursion for Belize City through the Shore Excursion Group, which offers the 100% satisfaction guarantee and a return to ship guarantee.  We had six ladies from our group on this excursion plus several others from the ship who were not in our group.   This… [Continue Reading]

Bistro on 5, Amazing and Unique Dining Experience

Like all the other venues on a Celebrity cruise, the Bistro on 5 offers an amazing dining experience.   We were lucky enough as back to back guests to be offered a complementary lunch at this venue during our turn around day.   At the regular price of just $5 per person, it is well worth the… [Continue Reading]

Hey, Its Jamaica, Mon!

Rather than just tell you we had another boring day of t-shirt shopping in Jamaica and failed at finding a cool XXXL that fit my husband, I want to share with our readers the little bits and pieces of Jamaican culture we enjoyed in our very touristy visit to Falmouth.
First the Royal Caribbean built pier… [Continue Reading]

Grand Cayman: Almost Exactly As Planned

The adverse weather didn’t affect our plans for the island of Grand Cayman. That’s because we had only planned to tender in and do a little shopping in Georgetown. So when the Cruise Director announced that we would be tendering in a different location and that most water related activities were cancelled, we thought we… [Continue Reading]

Cozumel, The Almost Awesome Day

Cozumel should have been the highlight of our cruise.   Since this was the Presidents Cruise with Michael Bayley, all captain’s club members  had been invited to join him at Playa Mia Beach Break in Cozumel for a day of food, fun, sun, open bar, beach activities and a water park.   Unfortunately the weather systems had… [Continue Reading]