Hawaiian Cruise in your Plans?

Perhaps it was fear derived the government’s proposed changes to the enforcement of the Passenger Service Act or purely market forces, but never the less, cruise passengers have fewer options from which to choose when planning their Hawaiian cruise vacation than they did just a few years ago.
The Passengers Service Vessel act states that… [Continue Reading]

How Much of Rome Can You See in Just a Few Days Before or After Your Cruise

We have just uploaded the first of our Gallery Pictures from our most recent cruise, a Trans-Atlantic from Civitavecchia/Rome. This very popular cruise port, may serve as either your embarkation or debarkation port for your next Mediterranean cruise. Many people like to combine their cruise vacation with a few days in Rome. … [Continue Reading]

Packing Stress!

Last night I did my final packing for my upcoming cruise, but it was not with out, despite my best laid plans, a few stressful moments. A few  posts  back, I mentioned that I had made up a detailed packing list for my upcoming cruise and did a Test pack to make sure I would… [Continue Reading]

Sanitize Your Hands!

If you watch our cruise talk video from the Celebrity Mercury, you’ll hear the words “Sanitize your hands!” from the ship’s chief bartenders during their round of “Liars Club”. Liars Club is a funny game they play sometimes on cruise ships, but his point should be taken very seriously. A recent study published in the… [Continue Reading]

Keeping a Wardrobe to a Minimum for a 2 Week Trans-Atlantic Cruise

Last year for my Trans-Atlantic cruise I over packed. I had clothing in my suitcases that I never wore. Having all that extra weight in my suit cases when we flew to Barcelona, boarded the ship, packed to leave the ship, checked into our hotel in San Juan, and packed to… [Continue Reading]