Our Pricing is so good on Celebrity Solstice Alaska for June 19th, 2015, I’ve got to get word out!

While I usually reserve this blog for news and opinion and try to keep my travel agency business separate, I am going to make a bit of an exception to shamelessly plug one of my group cruises.  The reason is that I locked in the low pricing on this cruise with a travel agent’s group […]

Five Bargin Finds to Purchase Before Your Next Cruise: Solutions for a Better Cruise

1. Hanging Cosmetics Bag Organizer

There is limited counter space in a cruise ship bathroom, so if just one member of your party has all his or her toiletries or cosmetics in on of these it can hang on the door hooks of the bathroom door and keep the bathroom counter from being cluttered.  This one […]

Roatan ZipLine Through Shore Excursion Group and South Shore Canopy Tour

My readers who have been following me over the last week know that I just returned from my first ever Royal Caribbean cruise on Vision of the Seas.   This cruise had a wonderfully interesting itinerary with extremely interesting ports of call.   The price point of this cruise also made it very easy to afford […]

Passengers to Space Ratio, Avoiding Crowded Ships is More than a Simple Ratio

One of the most common objections I hear to taking a cruise is that the potential client will tell me “I don’t like crowds, so I don’t think I would like a cruise.”   The perception seems to be that every cruise is packed wall to wall at every event with overflowing crowds of people.   This […]

Family of 4, One Cabin or Two on a Celebrity Cruise

Silhouette Veranda Cabin
We recently got back from two weeks on the Celebrity Silhouette.   Having sailed many times with my husband, son and daughter on a Celebrity Cruise in many different types of Cabins, I thought it would be helpful to share my experience when it comes to  fitting 4 people into one cabin.  We originally […]