Dominica and Singing Star

The 4th port of our Equinox cruise was Doninica. This is a very lush tropical island with waterfall and rain forests. If you really want to appreciate islands like this for everything they have to offer the best way is to take a guided tour. Many of our shipmates chose… [Continue Reading]

Equinox in Barbados

Today’s port of call was Barbados, known for its beautiful, beaches, crystal blue waters, and friendly people. I wish I could tell your about a wonderful beach excursion or fabulous island tour, however, again we didn’t venture past the gift shops at the harbor, ……but from the ship we could see that this was… [Continue Reading]

Equinox Cruise Continues in St. Kitts

Today was our second port of call, Basseterre on the island of St Kitts. Many of the other passengers took island tours that included stops at some of the beautiful resorts and beaches, but for us the day was spent mostly enjoying the beautiful views of the island from the decks of… [Continue Reading]

Beyond the Caribbean: Different and Exotic Cruise Destinations

A woman on a cruise ship once said “We like cruising, but this will be our last one. We’ve been to the Eastern Caribbean and the Western Caribbean. So this Southern Caribbean will be our last one.” Such a shame to think that this person could be limiting herself so much…. [Continue Reading]

Venomous Snake Free Vacation

Sorry about the snake picture, but Yikes, I need a snake free, or at least venomous snake free vacation! As my moniker suggests, I live in Arizona, a desert environment where snakes are common. This year they have been especially prolific in my yard. The two non-poisonous Bull snakes we… [Continue Reading]