Understanding How Cruiselines Turn a Profit: Tips for First Time Cruisers

If you are planning a long awaited vacation and considering a cruise, it is important to understand how cruise lines turn a profit so that you are not shocked by additional costs.
How do cruise lines make a profit when their base charges are relatively inexpensive?
A quick search of cruise prices shows cruises starting as… [Continue Reading]

When and Where is “Cruise Formal” Optional

An Editors Note: This article was written in 2009 and many of the cruise lines have relaxed their overall dress code even further. Please refer to our Cruise Line Dress Codes page for more up to date information.
We have a had a tremendous response to our “Optional Formal” survey running on… [Continue Reading]

Yet Another Reason to Get a Passport

I just read another tragic post on one of the cruise chat rooms from a gentleman who was taking his first big trip of his life to celebrate a milestone anniversary with his wife. When they got to the pier they learned that the documents that they had believed to be their actual… [Continue Reading]

Wow, Found a Great Web Site for Cruisers!!!

I had a few of my fellow passengers for my upcoming Celebrity Summit cruise recommend this site. I visited it and can’t say enough good things about it. The site is Port Time.
On the website, if you select a port, such as Cabo San Lucas, you can see how many ships will… [Continue Reading]

Ladies, You Can Pack In One Suitecase

I think we’ve all seen the news releases from the airlines that they are all changing their checked baggage limit to one free checked suitcase, with each additional checked bag costing $25 per bag. Almost all airlines have gone to this policy in order to save money and generate additional income during the current high… [Continue Reading]