Fly To Your Cruise Port At Least a Day Early if at all Possible

One of the biggest mistakes that cruisers make is to try to fly into the cruise port the day of the cruise. While this may seem like the simplest way to get to and from your cruise, it can lead to one of the worst travel disasters: missing your cruise ship. Your… [Continue Reading]

Making Home Cruise Videos

Many of us drag our home video camera all around with us on our trip, and spend much of our time documenting our trip on video, only to have the video then put into a drawer when we get home and never viewed again or, when we have friends over and invite them to watch… [Continue Reading]

What To Wear For A Cruise To Alaska

Deciding what you should wear while being on board a cruise to Alaska will very much depend on the area to which you are planning to visit. With some knowledge about climate, you may take some really good decisions on your choice of apparel.
Different Zones
What you should wear in Alaska will depend on the visited… [Continue Reading]

New to Cruising?

Experienced cruisers who are familiar with the intricacies and subtleties of cruising know what aspects of the cruise experience they like and don’t like. They can easily do a little online research or chat with their travel agent and find a cruise line that mostly meets their needs. However, for those… [Continue Reading]

Avoiding Permanent Weight Gain from Cruising

A recent Swedish medical study indicates that even a few weeks of over indulging, binge eating with little activity, can lead to permanent weight gain. For those of us who love to cruise, a cruise with unlimited food and days spent laying by the pool may sound all too similar to the… [Continue Reading]