Keeping busy and still looking for the crowded part of the ship: Grand Princess Hawaii 2015

As promised I am continuing my review of the Grand Princess with a focus on two of the most common misconceptions that people have about cruising:
“I’ll be bored on a cruise ship with nothing to do”
“I don’t want to take a cruise because I don’t like crowds”
Neither of these misconceptions could be further from the […]

Five Bargin Finds to Purchase Before Your Next Cruise: Solutions for a Better Cruise

1. Hanging Cosmetics Bag Organizer

There is limited counter space in a cruise ship bathroom, so if just one member of your party has all his or her toiletries or cosmetics in on of these it can hang on the door hooks of the bathroom door and keep the bathroom counter from being cluttered.  This one […]

Appreciate Your Cruise Crew: They Work Very Hard to Make Your Vacation Special

I am always impressed with the energy and attention to details that the staff and crew at Celebrity cruises put into the job performance.     We always try to acknowledge their  professionalism with a smile, polite conversation, and the common courtesy of a please and thank you.   We have always tipped the recommended amount, […]

Waterproof Pouches: Keep Your Valuables With You

One of my clients asked me a very good question just the other day: What do you do with your valuables like your camera, credit cards, and money when your are on an excursion to the beach or on a snorkeling boat? One possibility is to do what our family does. […]

Ultra Light Goose Down Jackets Present Maximum Warmth with Minimum Packing Size and Weight

Long a favorite of skiers, hikers, and climbers, the ultra light goose down jacket has now gone main stream and high fashion at prices for every traveler.
I first saw this type of jacket earlier this week on “Live with Kelly and Michael”. The expert guest on the show presented holiday […]