Brent Nixon to Lecture on Celebrity Solstice Summer of 2013

Brent Nixon to Lecture on Celebrity Solstice Summer of 2013

Editors Note:

We first published the article in March of 2008, but we wanted to re-publish again because we have just learned that Brent will be speaking in the Summer of 2013 on the Celebrity Solstice Alaska cruises, 7 night R/T Seattle Tracy Arm cruises from May to Sept 2013.

Many of you who are avid cruise readers like me may have seen the recent article in the March/April 2008 edition of Cruise Travel Magazine about naturalist lecturer Brent Nixon. We had the pleasure of hearing Brent’s presentations last summer on our Celebrity Mercury Alaska cruise in June of 2007. Brent certainly lives up this glowing article. We think he may be the best naturalist lecturer available on any Alaskan cruise.

I mentioned him in my cruise review here on Cruise Talk saying that he not only provided informative lectures, but his presentations were so humorous and entertaining he could have been billed as the ships comedian as well. My son and I attended his lectures on whales, otters, bears and other Alaskan wildlife. We also found his narrations at early morning whale watches and at the Hubbard Glacier to be one of the highlights of our trip. My then 10 year old son enjoyed his lectures so much that he used his own allowance money to buy the DVDs of Brent’s lectures.

Brent has spent over 30 year learning about and experiencing nature. He has participated in extensive research studies on both the Humpback and Orca whales evaluating the effects of increased human presence on cetacean behavior. He’s published several nature books. He’s even survived a ferocious attack by a large grizzly bear back when he was just 22. He’s contributed video footage to National Geographic, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel. Most of all, he’s put his passion for wild life to work with the creation and supervision of several non-profit wildlife protection and education organizations. To many an audience’s delight, he has shared his passion and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation through his lectures around the world. According to his website, he’s been described as a “David Attenborough type scientist with a Robin Williams sense of humor and a level of energy that makes Jim Carey look like a slug”!

In her Cruise Travel article, author Georgina Cruz shares her experience on the Celebrity Mercury Alaskan cruise and talks about how Brent’s lectures made the experience all the more special. We too found that Brent really brought the Alaskan experience to life through his animated and educational presentations. However, the article must have been written before his summer 2008 schedule was set, because she doesn’t mention that he will be onboard the Celebrity Infinity in the summer of 2008.

Solstice will sail 7 day Alaskan itinerary cruises out of Seattle from May to September 2013. Brent is scheduled to be onboard entertaining and informing passengers through-out the Alaskan run. If you are trying to decide between several Alaskan cruises with similar itineraries and shipboard amenities, you might make the Brent Nixon lectures your deciding factor and choose the Solstice for the Summer of 2013.

For more information on Summer 2013 Alaskan Cruises, visit the our CruiseOne website. You may also want to visit our cruise talk Gallery and Video Library to check out pictures the Celebrity Alaskan Cruises, and Video of the Whale Watch and Hubbard glacier. Sorry, I don’t have any of Brent’s wonderful narration on any of the videos. It was just too windy, so I had to mute the wind noise and over-dub the video with music.