Bistro on 5, Amazing and Unique Dining Experience

Bistro on 5, Amazing and Unique Dining Experience

Like all the other venues on a Celebrity cruise, the Bistro on 5 offers an amazing dining experience.   We were lucky enough as back to back guests to be offered a complementary lunch at this venue during our turn around day.   At the regular price of just $5 per person, it is well worth the extra cost.  The $5 cover provides the gratuities to the servers and probably the crepe chef as well.  Celebrity probably maintains the small cover charge at this venue as a crowd control method, because if these crepes were included with the cruise fare, the line to be seated would be down the hall.

I had been reading positive reviews for this venue for several years since it was first introduced on the Solstice, but hadn’t yet given it a try.   My husband is not a crepe person and I hadn’t wanted to splurge a little for just the kids and I.   When it was offered complementary and my daughter, son, and our friends who were also doing back to back wanted to go, we decided to give it a try.


I enjoyed the Chipotle Crab savory crepe.  The savory crepe had just the right amount of flavor and spice, the crepe itself was light and airy.   My son had the BBQ Piggy and two dessert crepes.  The teen age girls had  the Mediterranean crepes and both reported it as delicious.  All of the ladies enjoyed a single dessert crepe, with two of us having the French and two having the Spanish.

I think that on my next Celebrity cruise I will make a point to have lunch in this venue at least once.   Having experienced it for free, I will definitely spend the $5 per person next time and do it again.