A Relaxing Day at Sea helps us all Recharge Our Batteries

Yesterday was the first sea day of our crossing and offered us a change to recharge our batteries after such a busy previous week. While the kids enjoyed some time in the youth program, I had a chance find a quiet area on the ship and practice my dance recital routines with my portable DVD player and head phones. On a ship this big with so many different venues it was pretty easy to find one with nothing scheduled, and at 9:00 in the morning that was the Quasar Disco. I had video taped some of my classes before I left and burned a DVD so I could at least review the routines while I’m gone for three weeks on this trip.
After my dance practice I participated in a trivia game lead by one of the activities staff, however, Celebrity is apparently no longer officially using the word trivia, and calling it a “general knowledge quiz.” It was fun, though there were really only a few hard questions, so those few made a big difference for the people who got them right.

After the “quiz” my daughter and I headed off to lunch where we had a choice of a Grand Brunch Buffet, or the regular buffet in the Ocean View. My daughter was in the mood for lunch instead of brunch so we headed to the Ocean View café where the quality and variety of the food was very good.

After lunch we enjoyed to quiet time in our room, and then my son, husband, and I watched a “free on demand” movie in the room. This time it was Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation. This gives a chance to comment about the hundreds of movies that are available “on demand”. We’ve met several people who hadn’t figured out yet how to access the entertainment system. When you board the Solstice or the other Solstice class ships make sure you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the system. There are actually quite a few different choices. One confusing part is that the on demand movies are listed by the month they became available rather than simply by category. Even though we are in December, we can still watch the movies listed in Nov, Oct, and Sept, ect. That fact is not obvious when you first log in.

Last night was formal night which meant getting the guys dressed in their tuxedos and my daughter and I in our gowns. The ambiance was very nice and it seemed a clear majority of people got dressed up for the evening. The men wore a variety of either suit or tuxedos and the women wore gowns, cocktail dresses, skirts or pants with sparklely tops, and a few simple dresses. Dinner in the Gran Epernay was about 90% terrific as opposed the 100% terrific it has been on other nights. Between the four of us we had several great appetizers, three great soups, two delicious salads and four good entrée’s. The good entrée’s were the chicken, duck and lamb. I however ordered the sirloin, and though the flavor was good, I had a hard time believing it was actually a sirloin cut. It was thick and tough more like chuck. It seems it would have been fine for stew, but should not have been served as a “steak”, I did not request a second entrée because after the other courses and some bread I had had plenty to eat. I think I may have gotten my waiter in a bit of trouble, because the hotel manager came by to ask about how the food was. I was honest, but I think my waiter was a little hurt that I hadn’t mentioned it to him first.

After dinner, none of the entertainment options particularly appealed to us, though there was plenty of good live music and activities. However we choose to check out the entertainment options on the flat screen TV. This time my daughter, husband and I watch “The Proposal” with Ryan Reynolds and Sondra Bullock. It was a cute romantic comedy and the perfect relaxing way to end the evening.

Tomorrow is another day at sea and should be an interesting one. Our Cruise Critic group has a “Tour of Cabins” or “Cabin Crawl” scheduled where we are going to have the opportunity to see what some of the other cabin choices aboard the Solstice look like by sharing our own cabins with each-other. It should be interesting because of the size of the group. In the afternoon and evening, I was asked to participate in the Celebrity Singer contest on the big stage. It should be fun to perform for a bigger audience than what we have at Karaoke.