A Parent’s Cruise Contract with the Kids or Teens

I recently read a thread on one of the cruise message boards about passengers not liking kids on board.   Essentially the jist of the thread was that most passengers don’t mind well behaved children on board, but detest unsupervised and unruly children accompanied by irresponsible parents.

One contributor even posted her own family’s written contract with her children, and I thought it was such a good idea and included so many good ideas that I decided to create one of my own.   Most of these policies and ideas are ones that we always had a spoken agreement with our children, but I thought how much better to expand upon these ideas and put them in writing.

Our family will utilize the following contract with our kids/teens when we cruise with them in the future.  I have included the Celebrity Code of Conduct in my document, but a parent could substitute the appropriate cruise line in that section.  Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions in our comments section.

A Cruise Contract for Children/Teens and their Parents: 

Passenger  Code Conduct

The following rules are designed to keep me in compliance with the ship’s passenger conduct policy:

“A Celebrity cruise provides an ideal environment for partying, but Celebrity expects guests to be considerate of their fellow passengers. The cruise line doesn’t tolerate abusive language or harassment toward passengers or crew members and staff may cut off alcohol service to intoxicated guests. The ships only serve alcohol to guests over 21 and won’t tolerate attempts to use fake IDs or provide alcohol to minors. Passengers must obey the laws of all countries on their itineraries, and guests who bring illegal drugs on board are subject to arrest and prosecution. Celebrity may impose a range of sanctions on violators of its Guest Conduct Policy, according to the infraction’s severity, such as confinement to cabins or the ship’s holding cells, or removal from the ship at its next port of call.”

I will be respectful to fellow passengers:  this includes walking rather than running,  standing back to allow passengers to enter or exit doorways or elevators,   no loitering in hall ways or stair wells in the way of fellow passengers, and no climbing on any type of rail, furnishings, or any other inappropriate item.

I will not enter or disrupt areas designated as adults only or quiet areas including adult pools or hot tubs.

I will keep my voice at an appropriate level at all times so as not to disturb other guests.

I will utilize good manners in the dining room including good table manners and respect for other passengers who might be sharing our table or dining near us.

I will not play inappropriate games that would diminish the cruise experience for other passengers such as, but not limited to “Knock and Run”, pushing multiple elevator buttons, or misusing the ship’s phone system.

I will not splash any guests in the pool area or play games which would disturb others in the pool area.

I will be respectful and kind to crew members and staff.

I will not drink alcohol in violation of the ship’s policy.

I will respect the laws of each country I visit.

I will not be involved in any way with any kind of illegal drugs or prescription drugs not prescribe for me.

I will respect the ship’s curfew rules, and respect my parents curfew rules which will supersede any of the ship’s policies.   For example my curfew might be 11:00 pm when the ship’s rule says the curfew is 12:00 midnight.


Safety Rules

The following safety rules are designed to keep me safe in an emergency,  from assault or  misconduct by other guests or staff,  and to prevent accidents or even death: 

I will pay attention and follow all instructions during safety drills.

I will be aware of our muster station and will practice getting there on my own.

No other passengers or staff member may enter my cabin when I am present, especially but not limited to members of the opposite sex.

I will not enter any cabin other than our own unless accompanied by my parents.

I will not enter a balcony with-out a parent present.

I will not wander, loiter, or utilize open decks in the evenings or loiter in unsupervised locations during the evenings.

In order to prevent the possibility of a drug being slipped into my drink, I will not accept drinks from other passengers and will keep my own beverages with-in my sight at all times.  If I loose sight of my beverage I will order a new one.

According the ship’s policy I will not leave the ship without a parent.

According to ship’s policy I will not throw anything overboard.

I will not enter any staff only or restricted areas of the ship unless on an organized pre-approved  group tour.

I will not climb on any rail, or furniture anywhere near a railing, or any furniture at all.

When in my room alone I will hang a do not disturb sign so that staff members should not enter.  I will remove the sign upon exiting the room so that staff members may clean my room.


On Board Spending

The following rules insure that I am responsible for my finances.

I will remember my SeaPass with me at all times and guard it as I would both my house key and cash.

I have saved up __________ amount and my parents have given me an allowance of ___________.   I am not to exceed spending over this amount throughout the cruise.

I will save my receipts and reconcile those receipts with my parents spending account on a daily basis to insure I am not over spending.


The following rules insure that I am responsible for my own health the the health of others:

I understand that I could either spread or pick up NoroVirus and other infectious agents through poor sanitation habits.   I will wash with soap and water after all bathroom visits for 2 minutes while singing “Happy Birthday” twice to myself.   I will also wash before all meals, and utilize the hand sanitizer in a generous amount for at least 20 seconds when entering a dining facility or youth facility and be careful not to touch surfaces after washing.

I understand that spreading NoroVirus or other agents could result in serious illness or even death in other passengers with compromised immune systems.

Family Respect

The following rules insure that our whole family enjoys a stress free vacation:

I will always keep my parents informed as to my location.  Each day I will identify a schedule with my parents utilizing the youth schedule and the ship’s activity schedule.    If for some reason a planned activity is cancelled or plans change,  we will immediately report  our location to one another with an update on our activity.   Alternatively, if  we are unable to immediately locate each-other we will leave sticky notes in a prominent place in our cabin with our locations.

Our family will schedule pre-arranged check in times. I will wear my watch to stay aware of these times and the arranged check in location.

I will report each evening at the designated time to dress for dinner and attend any pre-dinner event with my parents.

I will dress according to the ship’s dress code every evening.

I will attend dinner with my family unless I have made pre-approved plans not to exceed more than 1 evening per 7 nights of the cruise.

I will be respectful at all times to my parents and show them how much I appreciate them taking me on this fantastic privilege of a cruise.

Consequences for Not Following This Contract

Depending on the severity of the rules violation parents or the cruise line may impose the following  consequences including but not limited to these punishments:

Loss of Sea Pass Beverage Privileges

This means that we will retain your sea pass card and you are limited to free beverages such as tea and juice for an appropriate period of time.

Loss of Youth Program or Teen Program and independent pursuits.

This means loss of independence and you would be required to remain with a parent at all times until the period of restriction expires.

In Cabin Confinement

 You would be restricted to your cabin for a period of time, possibly without TV privileges.

Loss of Future Cruise Privileges

This policy could be enforced by parents or the cruise line.

Disembarkation from the Ship.

For severe behavior violations, the cruise line reserves the right to disembark passengers at the next port with no refunds or assistance in returning home.
In signing below, I understand acknowledge that I have read the terms of the above contract and agree to abide by the rules and comply with the punishments should I be in violation.

Parent/Guardian_______________________________ Date_________

Minor Passenger_______________________________ Date_________