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Family of 4, One Cabin or Two on a Celebrity Cruise

Silhouette Veranda Cabin
We recently got back from two weeks on the Celebrity Silhouette.   Having sailed many times with my husband, son and daughter on a Celebrity Cruise in many different types of Cabins, I thought it would be helpful to share my experience when it comes to  fitting 4 people into one cabin.  We originally… [Continue Reading]

Appreciate Your Cruise Crew: They Work Very Hard to Make Your Vacation Special

I am always impressed with the energy and attention to details that the staff and crew at Celebrity cruises put into the job performance.     We always try to acknowledge their  professionalism with a smile, polite conversation, and the common courtesy of a please and thank you.   We have always tipped the recommended amount,… [Continue Reading]

Bistro on 5, Amazing and Unique Dining Experience

Like all the other venues on a Celebrity cruise, the Bistro on 5 offers an amazing dining experience.   We were lucky enough as back to back guests to be offered a complementary lunch at this venue during our turn around day.   At the regular price of just $5 per person, it is well worth the… [Continue Reading]

Crystal’s New North Cape: Arctic Excursions, Murmansk, and More

New Adventures Offered in Virtually Every Port
$1,000 per Person Savings if Booked by April 30
 Ultra-luxe Crystal Cruises has set a new itinerary, and more than 15 new Crystal Adventures, for its 2013 North Cape cruise.  Guests can sail, fly, ride, and hike past waterfalls, over glaciers, along white sand beaches, and up village-dotted coastlines during… [Continue Reading]

Celebrity Cruises Presents Most Widely Varied Modern Luxury Caribbean Vacation Collection

Celebrity Cruises has announced the next set of itineraries in “Celebrity’s World Tour,” the brand’s guest-inspired, destination-rich, modern luxury vacations to all seven continents of the world in 2014-15.
Opening today with “Priority Access” and exclusive offers for members of Celebrity’s Captain’s Club loyalty program are Celebrity’s 2014-15 Caribbean getaways.
Six sleek ships will provide guests with… [Continue Reading]