What’s The Best Length Of Time For A Cruise?

Our readers have spoken and many of our readers, 45%, prefer 2 weeks or more for their cruise. I agree with that length. We took a 15 day cruise to Hawaii 3 years ago and since that cruise our 7 and 11 day cruises have seemed way too short. There are so many things that we love to do on a cruise, but we also like to find time to relax. A longer cruise allows passengers to do both. I think I could take a 30 or 60 day cruise and just be in heaven the whole time. We loved our most recent cruise to Alaska, but we were very limited in our choices as most lines only offer 7 day cruises during the summer. Many of them have longer Alaska cruises in the shoulder seasons, but the 7 day cruises are their bread and butter during the prime season of summer. Our upcoming trans Atlantic cruise will be 15 days and we are thrilled that we will have another extended cruise.

While we may prefer the longer cruises the lines still continue to offer mostly 7 day cruises. Perhaps this is more reflective of what people’s budgets and vacations schedules allow them to do rather than what they would choose to do if time and budgets permitted. Here’s a look at the results as of October 28th, 2008 from our poll:

What is Your Ideal Length of a Cruise?

* 14-15 Days – Two weeks is the perfect get-a-way (28%, 32 Votes)
* 10-11 Days – Just a bit longer than a week, gives me a few extra days of fun and relaxation (26%, 30 Votes)
* 7 Days – Every vacation should be at least a week (20%, 23 Votes)
* Over 15 days – The longer I’m on a cruise ship, the better (17%, 20 Votes)
* 3 days or less – Short and Sweet (5%, 6 Votes)
* 4-5 days- Just enough time to get away and still be affordable (4%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 116

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