What Hooked me on Celebrity Cruise

I think that what got us hooked was the all around positive attitude on board.From our cabin steward to the cruise director to the Maitre’de every one was friendly and positive. We had a great Sky Bar bartender that took great care of us during the Sail Away parties.Our waiter was cute and funny and had great service.

David Cole was the cruise director and he was just so helpful and friendly.

We had a great time on the Merc in 2003, and that same spirit and attitude were also present on the Infinity to Hawaii. They really really took great care of us, and we had a great time too!!!!

Another plus was the many people in the 30-60 age bracket. Lots of great people to meet. Also, in the Infinity quite a few wonderful, nice friendly passengers in the 60 -100 age group too.

We loved HAL 13 years ago, but were in a minority group of people under the age of 70. We had a fabulous time, but just didn’t interact with other passengers as much. Crew on HAL was fabulous also!!!

We also loved the activities offered on Celebrity from Name that Tune to the Ship Building contest, it was just wonderful!!!

The food was great too!!!

My Mother-in-law had cruised on Celebrity about a year or two before we booked our first Celebrity Cruise and we asked her what she liked about the line. Her response was overly simple but really hit the line right on the marke. “I liked everything about the cruise!”

I’ll have to breakdown different aspects of Celebrity cruising and give more details, but for know I just say that I really like everything about the Celebrity Cruise experience.