Up Coming Celebrity Equinox Blog

Greetings to all of our readers. We are so excited because we leave for our 10 Day Celebrity Equinox cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to the Caribbean in just three days. I’ll be blogging about the cruise, hopefully on a daily basis.

Our current survey addresses the issue of keeping in touch with home while cruising. Cruising used to be one way of insuring that one was virtually cut off from the outside world. In days gone by, cruisers were lucky to get any news of the outside world. Now with the internet and cell phone service at sea, “for a nominal fee” cruiser can have nearly the same communications capabilities that they have in their own home.

Blogging is one of the ways that I share our cruise experience with friends, but more than that, it serves as my cruise journal. Years ago, when ever I traveled with my Mom and Dad, Mom would bring along a journal book and write down things like where we stayed, what we ate, how much it cost and what our activities were for the day. Years later, we read through those journals and are reminded of details that we had forgotten. Now, in the world of the internet and social networking, I can not only record my thoughts and impressions of the day, but also share those real time with our Cruise Talk readers, friends, and family. We hope that you’ll stop by Cruise Talk and share our virtual cruise experience. We board the Solstice Friday Nov 26, 2010.

(Accompanying photo is of the sister ship of the Equinox, the Solstice, from which I blogged about our cruise last year.)