Trans-Atlantic Cruise on Celebrity Solstice

Today we woke up with much excitement as it was our day to board the Celebrity Solstice. Our driver arrive a few minutes early but we were pretty much ready to go. We brought down our suitcases and loaded them up in his van. Then we picked up another couple, a Mother and Daughter, also going to the Solstice. Off we went to Celebrity Soltice, we arrived and checked in our luggage and then only waited a few minutes until it was our turn to check in and embark. Since the rooms weren’t ready we headed to the buffet where we had a nice lunch and Steve and I split a ½ carafe of wine. Once our room was ready I was able to unpack our carry-on luggage and shortly after that our checked luggage arrived so I was able to begin unpacking. I like to unpack everything and spray it with Downey Wrinkle Releaser before hanging it up. It takes quite a while but it is generally worth it later on because then all items are ready to wear. After unpacking we had Muster Drill, where we didn’t have to wear or bring our jackets, and then pre dinner cocktails. We found a wonderful wine bar with knowledgeable staff where we can sample a variety of wines or get an excellent wine by the glass. This bar is a very nice touch on the Solstice class ships. Dinner in the Main Dining room was superb. Great fast service, lots of appealing items from which to choose, and a nice variety of items on the always available side of the menu. I had Coq au Vin as my main course and everyone else had carbanara.

Our first general impression of the Solstice is that she is a truly beautiful ship. The décor is a stunning elegant modern. The layout of the ship is similar enough to the other Celebrity ships that we are finding our way around easily. The only thing that has had me turned around is that we have stayed on the back of the ship for our last three cruises, and I have sometimes found myself walking in the wrong direction for that reason. The flow of the buffet with multiple stations works much better than the previous ships where people always seemed to be queuing up in long lines. The Family Suite that we are in is extremely spacious with 525 sq ft. I has a living area with a TV and sofa, a bunk room with separate door and master bedroom with separate door. The bunk room is a great place to grab a daytime nap as it doesn’t have any windows. The other rooms have a wonderful open feel with windows in each a glass balcony door in the living room. The shower are are larger than the ones on previous ships and feature a bar for ladies to rest their foot while shaving their legs, and a glass enclosure rather than a “stuck on you” flimsy curtain. As the person who did the unpacking,my only criticism of the room is that it the room could use more storage space. There are several areas where they could have added a second closet section or set of drawers. My husband would have liked more electrical outlets to allow him to use the laptop “plugged in” in a spot other than the vanity desk. Tomorrow is our first port day.