The Marigalante Pirate Land Morning Tour

Somewhere between a party barge and The Pirates of the Caribbean ride lies the Marigalante Pirate Land Morning Tour in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Most cruise ship passengers will see the authentic Spanish galleon replica looking a little out of place docked just across a busy city street from Walmart and Sams Club, but may not realize why it was built and what its current purpose it.

The ship was built in 1992 to celebrate the 500 year anniversary of Christopher Columbus voyage to the Americas. It currently serves as an excursion boat for Spanish and English speaking tourists in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

An extremely lively bi-lingual host serves as your activities captain. Most passengers were amazed at his ability to fluently switch back and forth between English and Spanish, and never miss a beat. As host he had to give all safety instructions and conduct the recreational activities simultaneously in English and Spanish.

The crew serves hot breakfast and then assigns seating for your voyage. During the approximately 2 hour voyage to Majahuitas beach and snorkeling area, passengers are entertained by the dancing pirates, a few off color contests and jokes involving the passengers, and a lively pirate adventure skit. Open bar is provided to passengers during this journey.

The ship arrives at small secluded beach and cove where passengers must tender in via dinghies to enjoy snorkeling, beach volley ball, swimming, banana boat rides or beach play. The crew also makes every effort to accommodate the elderly and handicapped, though, logistically

it may not be practical for them to board the dinghies to go to the beach area. Several of the older people chose to stay onboard the ship during the beach excursion. After the two hour stay at the beach passengers were transported back to the Marigalante for the lunch and the 2 hour ride back to the harbor in Puerto Vallarta. The bilingual activities captain keeps things fun with silly freeze dance contests and fun games for the kids.The voyage has aspects of a fraternity party, what you might find a poolside mixer at an all inclusive resort or cruise, and even a professionally hosted childs birthday party. People enjoyed the open bar, but were not getting totally inebriated. The pirates made sure that all the passengers were having fun by encouraging them to participate in the silly onboard activities. Some of the Pirates dance moves were a little suggestive as well as some of the jokes, but not so much so that I saw any of the families with kids take offense. The crew did a great job of keeping the kids busy.

The pirate crew members helped the kids build sand castles and back on the ship the kids got to play several “simon says” type games with activities captain overseeing the fun, again in both Spanish and English.At the end of the trip the crew encourages tips and also sells T-shirts to raise money for a local charity. This excursion is offered through many of the cruise lines, or can be booked independently.

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