Thanksgiving At Sea? Well, Not This Year

3 out out the last 4 years we have spent our Thanksgiving holiday on a cruise ship. It is such a wonderful time to cruise. There were some families but the kids center isn’t as overloaded as it can get at Christmas. There might be some families, but not the large gatherings that can sometimes take over whole areas on Christmas sailings. The kids miss some school, but not as much as if we took them out of school without them having a break.

There were a few things we missed though. We love football in our home, so we always watch football on Thanksgiving Day. My husband is from Detroit so we always watch the Lions in the morning. My family is from Dallas so we always watch the Cowboys in the afternoon. Some cruise ships do have sports bars, but the Celebrity ships that we have sailed on did not. So we have missed Thanksgiving Day football when we’ve been on our cruise.

The other thing I have missed when we cruised over Thanksgiving is the terrific turkey dinners that my husband makes when we stay home. He goes all out with a recipe from a gourmet magazine customized just for us and makes all the trimmings from scratch. The first year I cruised on Thanksgiving, I ordered the ship’s version of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It paled in comparison to what my husband usually makes. So the next two times, I ordered something from the regular menu that looked good but with a “side” of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was enough that it tasted like the holiday, but I didn’t waste good cruise ship meal on something that wasn’t as good as their regular offerings.

So today I will enjoy a fantastic meal and more football than I can stand, but I’ll be missing a pool side margarita, a spotless stateroom, delightful evening entertainment, and a gorgeous ocean sunset.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!