Finally we hear from Windjammer

Windjammer released the following information today on
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises
Lorraine Shaw
(305) 672-6453
Monday, October 8th 2007
Miami Beach, Florida

“Windjammer’s Heart is Still Beating – Better Sailing Ahead
There’s no doubt about it, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises is in the midst of a storm. News accounts and chat rooms have reported tough times for the 60 year old tall… [Continue Reading]

Update on Windjammer Troubles

Thanks to the Miami Herald we have bit of an update on the Windjammer Woes. It seems that relief for the troubled company may not be coming any time soon. The Miami Herald reports that a potential investor has now sued Windjammer for negotiating with additional parties while… [Continue Reading]

Loyal Customers Helping Out Stranded Windjammer Crews

I’ve always felt that cruisers are some of the most generous people on earth. People who choose cruising as their vacation do so because they appreciate the service and enjoy the camaraderie on board. Perhaps the best atmosphere for developing such friendships is aboard the intimate sailing ships of Windjammer. … [Continue Reading]

Windjammer Barefoot Cruise in a Big Jam? May Be Gone for Good?

I had always put the idea of doing a Windjammer Barefoot Cruise on the list of things that I might do one day. The idea of sailing to different islands, enjoying snorkeling and other low key activities, while meeting new people and truly relaxing, seemed like an appealing alternative when I tired… [Continue Reading]