Celebrity Cruises collaborates with “Nerdel” and the Nerdel company to make wellness education fun for young vacationers

Miami – (September 15, 2011 ) – With their cool, contemporary design with warm spaces, inviting staterooms and personalized service, Celebrity Cruises’ ships offer modern luxury, an ideal backdrop for wellness-themed experiences that help guests rejuvenate, relax and recharge. With a playful twist, Celebrity is now bringing children into its wellness lineup by collaborating with… [Continue Reading]

Entertainment And Activities On Board Cruise Ships Keep Boredom Out Of The Picture

Many times when I talk about my love for cruising, I hear by from non-cruisers “Oh, I think I would be so bored on a cruise ship.” I can honestly say that the only people who could possibly be bored on a cruise ship are the people who probably would be… [Continue Reading]

More Sea Days! More Family Board Game Time!

When I look back at our recent cruises with our kids, and even further back to the cruises I did as a kid, I have to say that my favorite cruises are the ones with the most Sea Days. The very best cruise was our San Diego/Hawaii round trip cruise because we had… [Continue Reading]

Cruise IQ Fun for All Ages

Cruise IQ is great family fun for cruisers of all ages.

Our family loves to cruise and we love to play board games. In-between cruises all I can think about is what to do on the next one. The Cruise IQ board lets me play and dream of my next cruise all at the same time.

In… [Continue Reading]