Surprising Smoking Poll Results Are In

The surprising results of our reader smoking poll are in. What is probably most surprising is that we had 43% or our readers prefer a smoke free ship. Readers may remember that Carnival tried to respond to this demand with its smoke free Carnival Paradise. However the ship rarely sailed a full capacity. The problems seemed to be related to the fact that the Non-Smoking requirement eliminated bookings by groups and large families. If one club member or family member smoked, then the ship was eliminated from consideration. However many cruise lines have responded to the desire for a more smoke free environment by strictly limiting the areas where passengers are free to smoke. Some only allow smoking in a dedicated lounge or a few outdoor decks. Sister lines like Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have differing Balcony smoking policies. Royal Caribbean allows balcony smoking on exterior balconies, and Celebrity does not. This subtle difference is perhaps aimed at appealing to different segments of the market. Carnival does allow balcony smoking, but not in spa cabins. In theory the spa cabins are positioned so that the other balconies’ smoke would not reach them. Most likely if you went through every cruise line and your own preferences you may be able to find a good match with the exception of the two extremes: Nowhere and Everywhere. The closest thing to Every where is the Spanish and European marketed line Pullmantar. They permit smoking in the dining room and most other public areas.

Here’s what your our readers thought where smoking should be permitted on a cruise ship:

Where do you think smoking should be permitted on board cruise ships? Select all that apply.

* Nowhere (43%, 245 Votes)
* Smoking Lounge (36%, 201 Votes)
* Balconies (29%, 166 Votes)
* Select Few Designated Smoking Areas Indoors and Out. (23%, 127 Votes)
* Designated Section of Casino (16%, 92 Votes)
* Everywhere Outdoors (14%, 81 Votes)
* Casinos (12%, 66 Votes)
* One Designated Side of the Ship. (12%, 65 Votes)
* In a Section of all Lounges (12%, 65 Votes)
* Staterooms (10%, 58 Votes)
* Designated Section of Dining Room (5%, 30 Votes)
* Everywhere (2%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 564

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