Southwest and Bags To Go

I just saw where South West Airlines is offering a baggage check at some cruise ports for passengers flying home on South West. This is a great service because passengers who book their own flights often book flights later in the day to make sure that they off the ship in time to make the flight. What a great break for those passengers in that they now don’t have to carry their luggage around town all day. They are free to spend a little time in their disembarkation port with out having to keep up with their luggage all day.

Full Article at CNN Money

I can tell you from personal experience where this service is desperately needed is at at the Port of San Diego and San Diego airport. When we disembarked several years ago I we headed immediately over to the air port which is only about 5 minute away. We arrived 5 hours before our scheduled flight and had to wait a full hour with all of our 14 pieces of luggage on a cart before we could even check in the luggage. The airline wouldn’t check our luggage any earlier than 4 hours before the flight. It really would have been nice to check our luggage in at the cruise terminal and then do an hour or so of sight seeing before heading to the air port.

The cruise lines do offer direct luggage transfer service with some of the other major airlines, but South West has always been rather independent. Cruise lines do not use South West for their cruise air packages because the independent ways that South West operate. We’ve flown South West twice for cruises out of San Diego because they are the only airline that offers direct flights from Tucson to San Diego. However, we drove to San Diego for our last cruise because I wanted to be able to load up the car with luggage and immediately start our drive home. If South West starts offering this service in San Diego, I’ll have to take a good look at flying again.