Skiing Behind a Cruise Ship?

Is it possible to water ski behind your cruise ship? How about wake boarding? Is this soon to be on the list of activities offered by your cruise line? Well probably not, but on last night;’s “Super Size Mythbusters” show on the Discovery Channel HD, Torre actually proved that even an average person could ski, well actually, wake board, behind a cruise ship.

For the myth busting experiment, Torre first took wake boarding lessons in California and then learned to transfer from a tow bar to a rope. For the final experiment, Imperial Majesty Cruise lines, agreed to let the Mythbusters crew use their ship for the experiment. The ship got up to a speed of 14 knots as it was leaving Nassau. Then it signaled the ski boat. The boat carefully brought Torre up to the extra long rope that was hanging off the back of the ship and Torre had to make the switch between his tow bar and the tow rope. He was unsuccessful at first, but on the third time (only the second time was shown on the show) he made it and actually wake boarded behind the ship for a short period of time.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube from a passenger’s perspective of the event:


What they didn’t tell you on the Mythbusters show was anything about the Regal Impress. This ship started its sailing life as Greek Line’s Olympia doing service in the North Atlantic. It later sailed the Caribbean as both the Greek Line’s Olympia and Commodore’s Caribe. In 1993, the Regal Impress was sold to Regal Cruise line, now Imperial Majesty Cruise lines, and began doing short get-a-way or party cruises.

She is truly one of the few vintage ships sailing today, renowned for her beautiful rich woods and paneling. Though she’s been refurbished several times to bring her up to code with the S.O.L.A.S. (Saftey of Life at Sea) Standards, she will have to lose much of her character if she wishes to remain in service after 2010. Regulations will prohibit extensive use of wood and other flammable materials on board sailing vessels.

You can see some great pictures of the beautiful older ship on Maritime Matters. This ship is currently sailing three day, two night cruises from Miami to Nassau. You can also read more about Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines.