Results In From Our Wine Service Poll

A few weeks ago we started a wine service poll here at Cruise Talk. We were curious how many of our readers desired knowledgeable wine service while on their cruise. We also wondered if many or most cruiser have no need for a wine steward. My husband and I have been wine lovers for about 17 or 18 years now. We became friends with the owner of a wine store and often visited with him to taste new wines and learn about different varieties and styles of wine.

We have always appreciated the fact that Celebrity had dedicated sommeliers on their ships. However on our last two cruises we seemed to have even better service than on previous cruises. The last two sommeliers seemed to be able to match us with the exact wines in our price range that we would enjoy. We even attended a “Round the World” tasting event hosted by the sommeliers. During that event they took time to visit with their assigned patrons so that they could get their feedback on the different wines. Our wine steward paid particular attention to our comments, and was then able to make recommendations throughout the rest of the cruise based on those comments.

On our next cruise aboard the Solstice, we often enjoyed our pre-dinner wine tastings in the wine bar, called “The Cellar Master’s”. Here, the bar was staffed with trained sommeliers rather than bar tenders or mixologists. The Cellar Master, himself, our our assigned wine steward would often stop by this area to visit with patrons and inquire about their wine service needs.

I found the results of our survey to be rather interesting. For a single answer, the “Somewhat”, answer was the most popular. However, I found it interesting that the “Yes” answer was popular among both new wine drinkers and “vinophiles” with a combined total of 33%. A full 26% of our readers don’t ever drink wine or may simply choose a house wine when ordering their libations.

Is knowledgeable wine service an important part of your cruise experience?

* Somewhat, I enjoy wine but don’t need an expert to help me order. (31%, 34 Votes)
* Yes, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about wine, but need specific answers about unfamiliar wines from the sommeliers. (21%, 23 Votes)
* No, I never drink wine. (19%, 20 Votes)
* No, I drink wine but am not picky at at all. (17%, 18 Votes)
* Yes, I have newly discovered the joys of good wine and like informed advice. (12%, 13 Votes)

Our new survey lets our readers tell us where they think smoking should be permitted on board a cruise ship. I have updated our Smoking Policies page to reflect that change. I will also be researching other cruise line’s websites this week to look for other changes in policy. Cunard has recently changed their smoking policy to only allow smoking in their dedicated smoking and cigar bar and out doors in public venues. However, they still allow smoking in all state rooms and balconies. Other lines have banned in room smoking and balcony smoking but still allow it in designated parts of other indoor lounges. We’d love to hear from our readers about where they think smoking should or shouldn’t be allowed. This new survey will allow our readers to select all that apply.