Results In From Our Beverage Poll

The results from our most recent poll “When You Cruise, What is Your Average Daily Beverage Bill?” are in.

  • $20 to $50 – Hey, I’m not driving (31%)
  • $50 -100 – Those wines with dinner add up (20%)
  • Less Than $5 – Don’t drink much of anything (20%)
  • $5 – $15 – a few drinks, specialty coffees or sodas (19%)
  • Over $100 – How did I spend that much? (11%)

What I found most interesting, was that the respondents who spend less than $5 and those who spend $50-100 were evenly matched. The fact that so many cruisers spend less than $5 demonstrates that passengers don’t necessarily have to spend extra once on board. Most cruise lines have plenty of free beverages like simple coffee, juice, punch, and ice tea. These cruisers don’t have to worry much about being hit with a huge on board spending account bill at the end of their cruise. Or perhaps they just prefer to spend their money on other extras like the casino, on board shopping, excursions or specialty dinning.

Our family falls into the $50 to $100 range with a big chunk of that being spent on wine with dinner. My husband and I really enjoy food and wine pairing and splurge a bit on the cruise to enjoy some of the better wines. My daughter and I sometimes will have a fancy coffee or tea from the specialty coffee bar. In addition to the hot beverages, we also enjoy sodas. The kids usually get a soda card which is $5 a day. We buy those at the beginning of the cruise but I figured the cost into my daily total.

The most popular answer turned out to be $20 to $50. It is kind of hard to quantify what that might include. It could be two glasses of the more expensive “by the glass” wines or champagne or one moderate bottle of wine. It also could include 10 beers at $4.50 each. It also could include specialty coffee and sodas. One nice thing about being on a cruise is that passengers can enjoy an alcoholic beverage without the worry of driving a vehicle. Some passengers can take this philosophy too far, but most passengers maintain their decorum and just relax completely. Hence, spending a lot doesn’t necessarily mean excessive alcohol consumption.

Now for those of you who spend over $100: How did you spend that much?