Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Partner Offers Private Jet & Luggage Service

FORT LAUDERDALE, June 5 – Regent Seven Seas Cruises will offer new private-jet and luggage transportation services, providing guests with customized options to avoid the restrictive schedules, tangled routings and baggage delays associated with travel aboard the largest international airlines. Regent Seven Seas recently reached an agreement with Private Jet Services (PJS) to provide guests with private-jet transportation to and from its vessels. PJS airliners can accommodate 20 to 106 guests in VIP-configured cabins with lounges, staterooms and stand-up bars. A dedicated onboard concierge accompanies every flight. PJS guests save time by departing from smaller airports closer to home and avoid time-consuming travel to meet connecting flights. Guests also enjoy the privacy to conduct business and/or relax with colleagues, friends and family. This service, like The Regent Travel Concierge, allows guests to customize the non-cruise elements of their luxury vacation.

Regent Seven Seas also upgraded its luggage delivery service by contracting with Luggage Free, a custom luggage-shipping and -delivery service, to provide the cruise line’s guests with door-to-door luggage shipping, avoiding the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage – and even going through customs. Using the service, guests make reservations online. Within 24 hours after their order is placed nationwide (six hours in New York City), Luggage Free sends a representative to the guest’s home, wraps each bag in protective covering, and transfers them to the nearest airport. The bags are placed in Luggage Free’s forward freight system, and then delivered to the guest’s destination via its airborne infrastructure. After the bags land, Luggage Free picks them up at the airport, clearing international shipments through customs. Finally, Luggage Free transfers the bags to their ultimate destination address. The process is reversed for the return trip.

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