Recommended Reading: What Happens When There Is A Death At Sea

I’ve been a subscriber to Cruise Travel Magazine for about three years. In this month’s issue, July/August 2009, they have tackled one of those subjects about which many of us are very curious, but about which many of us would never dare inquire: What happens when some one dies aboard a cruise ship.

The thoughtfully written article by Wayne Anderson provides details as to how the cruise lines handle such a tragic, but not uncommon occurrence. The article explains that on many cruises there might be over 100 passengers over the age of 85 and many of them might be choosing to spend their last days on a cruise ship doing what they love, cruising. Hence, cruise lines have a contingency plan for such an event that includes grief counselors and a temporary morgue. The cruise lines also may assist passengers is the final plans for the loved one’s remains including transportation home or cremation in the next port if the loved one’s so choose. The article also reminds cruisers that unfortunately there are costs involved in this process, and that many traveler’s insurance policies will help to cover these expenses.

I commend Cruise Travel Magazine for their thoughtful and sensitive article and for answering questions about which many of frequent cruisers have been curious. To read the full article, pick up a copy of the magazine at your local new stand or bookstore.